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Blog Header Photo

My new blog header photo is a photo taken by my friend Rudy!

Rudy is an amazing photographer and he gave me permission to use his photo here.  But, my header forces me to crop it so it fits.  So, here is the photo in its fullness and a link to his Flickr Photostream so you can see more of his amazing work if you like photography!


Seldom Traveled

For more of his work, go here. I hope you enjoy his work.  I know I always love browsing through his stuff!



Big House Big Heart Photos

Lined up, ready to go,cuz we are freezing!!!

Laurie and I, freezing before the race, and checking out the stadium!

Don't mess with us, we might bite!

the stadium!

We are Running!!!! (I am dying!!!)

When you see a chicken with french manicured nails...always High 5 them!

The view coming out of the tunnel...

The finish line. A mere 50 more yards!

Oh man, got this one out of sequence, but this is the Runaway Train shot!!!

Coming out of the tunnel, part 2. Shouting at Kyra to finish it out...oh and there is her trainer, Demond!

And of course I saved the best for last....meet my inspiration....Kyra!!! (photo stolen from FB, with permission)

Sadly, the official race photos are STILL not available yet…so frustrating.  It has been a month.  Sigh!

Undefined and Exposed

What is my name?  Oh right, Kim.

Recently, a few people in my life have taken to calling me “Kimberly”.  At first I was quite annoyed by it because it is a name I always associated with being in trouble.   I noticed though that the more I resisted it, the more they called me it.  So I decided to switch gears and at least pretend I liked it.  You know, a little reverse psychology.  It didn’t work.  Now more people are calling me Kimberly.

Recently, I had some photos taken of myself. I wanted some specific pictures taken because about a year ago, I had come across this blog post about an exposed movement, where men and women were loving their bodies as they were, imperfections and all and simply being proud of them, for what they were and for what those bodies have done for them.

As I looked through them after getting them back I came across this photo.

As I looked at this photo, I thought “Wow…my eyes are really green.”  I looked and I thought of all the things I have seen with these eyes and all the feelings that get expressed through them.  I have seen and experienced pain and sorrow, joy and anger.  Sadness and heartache.  Yet, a sparkle of joy seems to remain.  I thought, those eyes are pretty enough to belong to a “Kimberly”.

Where did that come from?  I stopped and thought about it and I began to realize that part of the reason I don’t like being called Kimberly stems from not feeling like I fit a name as pretty as that.   Sure, I usually am only called Kimberly when in trouble, but is that because that is the way it was or is it because I always stopped people from calling me by that name?  Hmmm….

I continued looking through some of the pictures and I continued to think…Yes, Kimberly fits THIS girl!

I knew I had taken some photos that, for me, were quite risky.  But the more I looked at them and the more I thought about this past year I realized some more things.  My body does not define me.  While I am still fat, Fat does not define me.  It is not who I am.  Instead I am a strong woman who perseveres and keeps going even when it seems the odds are stacked against her.  I do things that most 300 lb women cannot do because I refuse to let my weight dictate any longer what I can or cannot do.  Call me stubborn if you will, but some might say I am tenacious.

I have thought about this particular post a lot over the past few months as I gathered the courage to ask someone to take them and now as I am writing it out.  I have several drafts of this thing going coming at it from all different angles as I try to find the right words to put to the pictures.  So this is my post of pictures.  Pictures that do not define me, but they certainly do expose me to a different level of vulnerability.  It is one thing to post pictures like those above and declare, Yes, that girl is beautiful.  But the ones to come are much harder to label as such without adding in a “but” or an “if only” at the end or beginning.

So the following are some pictures that came out of this photo shoot along with what it is I love about my body at this point in my journey.  It is not perfect, but my body has done some pretty amazing things and should be honored and celebrated for it.

These feet have carried all of my weight over the years.  They have walked hundreds and hundreds of miles in my lifetime and in recent history have run a half marathon.  It seems that they have traveled far to get me here and are very fitting as a symbol of this journey of mine.

In this one I see the faint beginnings of a clavicle sticking out.  A collarbone.  I don’t know why, but I am obsessed with them.  I notice them on other women and I cannot WAIT for mine to stick out.  This also is of my shoulders, which have carried a lot of burdens over the years.  Since discovering my feelings, I have begun to notice that I also carry stress here in my neck and shoulders.   Something I continue to learn on this journey, is I am not alone.  I am not meant to be alone or to have to carry everything by myself.  It is as simple as peeping out the words “Help” and suddenly, the tightness is gone and I can breathe easier.

These arms are strong and getting stronger every day.  The wrap themselves around my nieces and nephews and others I love, offering love and comfort and support all the time.  And that smile, just looks mischievous to me.  I am not sure what I was doing when this picture was taken, but the look on my face says I am up to no good!

These calves are uber strong.  They are solid muscle.  They should be.  They carry a lot of weight.  They run, they bike, they swim! And those ankles…promises of what is to come, because they are actually quite tiny!

This is a harder one to write about.  I like to think that this body was meant to carry babies and to nurse them, the arms meant to carry those same babies until they grow so big and they scramble out of my arms and won’t let me carry them anymore.   But I also know, that right now, as it is, is not the time for that to be happening…so it is more one of hope.  That time will come…when my body will know what it feels like to have a life being created and put together inside of it.

In case you are not sure what I am pointing at…I am NOT pointing out the freckle, although one might argue that it IS rather cute.  However, I am drawing attention to the single muscle I have developing in that very spot!

Here I am.  The most exposed I am going to get.  No, you will not find any bra and panty shots here.  Seriously.  Has nothing to do with shame a this point and everything to do with my own modesty.  I have too many male friends who read my blog who not only would likely be uncomfortable seeing my half-naked but not to mention I would have to look them in the eye at some point.  This picture I see my thighs most.  Again, I see strength.  IN fact that is the overall theme of these pictures beauty and strength.

Yes!!!  I HAD to add a butt shot, if for no other reason than to point out my “shrinking a$$” as Coach calls it!

And then there is me.  Having fun. Despite the imperfections, I am not letting it stop me from living life.  At least not most of the time.  I could point out all sorts of things I DON”T like here, but that is not the point of this post.  It is to take a moment and notice what I love…and that is the fun I am having and the fierce determination in my face.  That is how I choose to engage this journey every day, with fierce determination…

and as a woman,

Beautiful enough to be called Kimberly…

(not sure I will simply transition to introducing myself as Kimberly, but I probably won’t give you a sideways glare if you call me that instead of Kim.)

BLT Photos

Bostwick Lake Triathlon was almost a month ago and I have yet to get my pictures up.  So, I decided tonight was the night.


There I am! Swimming! You can't see it, but I am NOT last!

starting to plow thru the water, attempting to run out...without falling over!

See!!  The escorts are WAY behind me, instead of coming in with me!  YEAH!  ME!!!

I think I am in this somewhere, I thought this was me getting ready to head out on the bike, but there are too many bikes racked.

oops nope, that one is post bike ride…..

Here comes Coach out of the water! GO COACH!!!

Finally. Only 9 minutes after getting out of the lake, I can go ride!

Can't seem to catch this guy!!!Here he is coming in off the bike!

ok, Leg#2 is done. now, ALL I have to do is RUN 3 miles...

except I had to pee, remember? This is after my pit stop...

Officially heading out to run...Tristan joins me in a few minutes!

Tristan, The Encourager and his sister Marissa, who was my teammate last year!

Coach and Aaron, standing around talking. They have a while to wait.

Last 100 yards or so...with my entourage. Love them all...Can I take a nap yet?

Oh yeah....Coach finished too! But long before me!

And that is all I got folks.

More posts a brewing.  New trainer, meal planning, a word from Mark at the Metabolic testing center…and so much more…:-)  Soon my friends, soon.

River Bank Run Photos

Esquire and I before the race!

Trying to stay warm. Coach brought me the garbage bag. Who knew I would need a knew goal of being able to fit in one!

Coach trying to take a good shot as we head down the starting corral. Me, intent on fixing my earphone cord.

Tail Wagger's Parents! Oh how lovely that they drove an hour to cheer me on. Mr. Tail Wagger is a runner himself, although currently injured. Perhaps next year we will run together, and I. Will. Finish.

Cool shot of our feet.

Cold, Tired and Disappointed at the end with my "mom for the day!" Thanks Tail Wagger for loaning her to me!

Triathlon Pictures

Me and my Teammate, Ingrid, Pre-race

Me and my Teammate, Ingrid, Pre-race

Pre-Race, getting ready

Pre-Race, getting ready

Coach-Fan and Illegal Runner, Aaron-Veteran Fan, Ingrid-Veteran Fan, Race Photographer, and now teammate!

Coach-Fan and Illegal Runner, Aaron-Veteran Fan and former teammate, Ingrid-Veteran Fan, Race Photographer, and now teammate!

Here I come. Starting to run up the Hill, Coach is coming to give me my towel!

Here I come. Starting to run up the Hill, Coach is coming to give me my towel!

I am more than a number, but on this day, I am identified by 294.  Which ironically, is almost my weight, but not quite...I am a little less than that!

I am more than a number, but on this day, I am identified by 294. Which ironically, is almost my weight, but not quite...I am a little less than that!

Still pinning my number on

Still pinning my number on

Almost ready, putting on the doo rag!

Almost ready, putting on the doo rag!

Finally ready to run!

Finally ready to run!

Ingrid comes in off the bike!

Ingrid comes in off the bike!

Last minute words of encouragement as we approach the finish line!

Last minute words of encouragement as we approach the finish line!

Coach leaves me so I can finish it on my own!  I love this man, his crazy spandex leggings and all!  He is a great friend!

Coach leaves me so I can finish it on my own! I love this man, his crazy spandex leggings and all! He is a great friend!


Finish Line, Sprinting it out!

Finish Line, Sprinting it out!

Nobody Said I looked pretty while running…and it really wasn’t as painful as my face seems to be saying!

Me and Jen, Post Race, If she didn't go first 3 years ago, I don't know that I ever would have!

Me and Jen, Post Race, If she didn't go first 3 years ago, I don't know that I ever would have!