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I Remember When…

Wow, it has been a bit since I have blogged!  a brief update.  I am 25 days grain and sugar-free and loving it.  I continue to have high energy and am now noticing that my mood has been pretty level.  No crazy hi’s and lows.  I am curious to see what happens during my cycle when I tend to have really crazy mood swings. (Sorry boys if that is TMI!)  I am working on the affirmations Daniel has suggested I do, continuing to read Nourishing Traditions and am working on getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. All is well my entrance to Paleo.  Crossfit is AWESOME!!!  More on that later.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a triathlon with my girl Jen.  She was participating and I, since I am not doing races this year, was the designated towel girl.  This position is critical on race day!  Aaron has been my towel boy in the past.  Jen, did absolutely amazing, despite a change in the swim plan making it a serpentine swim in a pool instead of an open water swim.  SHe took 10 minutes off her bike time and 10 minutes off her run time!

When she finished, we went to breakfast and were planning the rest of our day together.  This stopped us in our tracks as we both recalled the first ever tri we did together.

It was a sprint tri back in 2009 and we were both on relay teams.  We would both only be swimming.  We had bikers and runners lined up.  We did great.  We finished what we planned to do.

And then we were DONE.  Spent.  Finished.  There was no planning the rest of our day.  Our day was done.  We napped and ate.

And now, we finish the full triathlon and are busy planning what ELSE we are gonna do that day.

What a difference 3 years makes…

I love this girl in my life!

Jen and I in Nashville



11 Days And Counting

I am officially 11 days into being grain/sugar-free and with the exception of one day where I had 5 corn chips I have been totally successful!  The 5 corn chips were a mistake.  While chips are not the best option ever, I also didn’t realize corn was a grain.  Oh well, it was 5 chips.  I counted.  🙂

As far as diet goes, this is what I am noticing.

  • I have tons more energy.  I didn’t think I lacked energy before, but in hindsight, I see a huge difference.  I used to come home from work and veg out if I wasn’t working out in the evening and when I was working out it took ALOT of self talk to get me to the gym.  I wake up with my alarm without nearly as much trouble and in the evenings I am like an energizer bunny just getting stuff done.
  • I am not having any crazy cravings.  Every once in a while something sounds like it might be good, but then I simply eat some vegetables and I am golden!
  • I am surprisingly LOVING not counting calories and actually finding new freedoms in it.  I was so afraid to not count calories because it is what I have  always known and being an emotional eater, how in the world was I ever going to manage my eating so it doesn’t get out of control.   Well, I am discovering it takes ALOT of vegetables to overeat.  I am loving exploring fun new recipes.
  • I can tell my pants are getting looser already even though I have not been back on the scale.
  • I am discovering many more of my friends eat this way, so I am not feeling alone in this eating lifestyle.   I seem to get encouragement daily form some source or other.  It has been awesome!

Now for the workouts.  I began Crossfit this week.  Let’s just say it is more than a LITTLE intense.   Here is what I am loving about this so far.

  • I love the competitive style of it.   Every workout you are trying to do better than you did last time as well as to beat the guy/gal next to you…or at least sweat just as much and work just as hard.
  • I complain the next day about how much I hurt but secretly I love it.  THe deep ache of my muscles screams I am alive in so many ways.
  • I get to lift really heavy things and therefore feel all sorts of “hardcore” or, I gotta say it here…BADASS!  Seriously, who doesn’t want to feel strong and powerful and like you can do anything??
  • The coaches/trainers are SO encouraging.  They want to see me excel as much as I do.
  • I love that after my first workout with Eric, Daniel talked to him and found out that Eric had underestimated me.   Yeah, that happens a lot.
  • I love that after my second workout, this time with CJ, I was SO DONE that I felt sick.
  • I love that once I am done with the initial 1:1 phase where I learn how to do Crossfit style workouts and they teach me how to do correct form so I don’t get hurt, my workouts will be group workouts.  Again, like with the nutrition piece, I am not alone.

I am loving this new phase of my journey.  I am loving that I am being given resources to the knowledge that will help me and that Daniel is so willing to answer my questions when I have them.  I am loving that I am back on track and excited and filled with hope again that one day I will be at a healthy weight.  I no longer care, “by when”.  I truly want to live a healthy lifestyle…and I am on my way.


ok, so this is what I did on Tues for my workout.

  • I had to high knee through a rope ladder on the floor (8x)
  • go thru the ladder laterally(sideways) (4x)
  • go thru kinda diagonally (4x)
  • them most awful of all, I had to HOP thru (4x)  Those of you on this journey know about the awful Fat Slap and why I hate to hop….but yes my friends I HOPPED through that blasted thing 4 times.

That was the warmup.  Then we stretched.  Then the Workout began.

This was a timed exercise.

  • 20 kettle bell swings
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 lunges

I had to do this 3 times through, so 60 of each.   I completed it in 6 min 30 seconds

On Thursday, CJ led my workout.

He warmed me up on the rower then showed me some stretched focusing on my hips and shoulders.  I learned a few minutes later why he focused on those areas

We began the Workout of the day (WOD)

This workout was one where I did 10 of each thing then 9 then 8 all the way to 1 of each.  He called it 10 to 1.

My first exercise was to do 10 deadlifts, with 95 lbs on the bar

My second was 10 push presses with 32 lbs on the bar.

I did those and went back and forth between the two until I was doing only one of each.  Again this was a timed workout.  My time was 9:30 and I felt sick when I was done.


Next time, I will have CJ take pictures…:-)

This weekend I have been assigned some at home Tabata exercises.  More on that later though.

Looking Ahead

I am ending Day 5, grain and sugar-free and rather pleased with myself and noticing, I don’t feel like anything is missing.

Sure, it is more difficult to choose things and requires more awareness of what things are made of when out and about, but really so far grain free has not been the kind of difficult I expected.

I expected crazy cravings.  I expected to crash and burn a lot in the first few days.  I expected to whine and cry and miss things like rice and pasta and the occasional sweet treat.

Besides all of what I expected not being there, there is also what is present that I didn’t expect.  I didn’t expect to feel so good.  I didn’t expect the peace I had going into this to remain so constant and I honestly didn’t expect to succeed.

Today I enjoyed a most scrumptious treat.  Grilled peaches with a drizzle of honey.  Who knew this would be so delicious??

Grilled Peaches with a drizzle of honey

I began to look ahead though and think about what is coming.  I probably shouldn’t but I don’t want to start buying things that I am just gonna have to get rid of later when Daniel adds the next change on.  So I looked at the Paleo food list online. I am super glad that Daniel is walking me through this step by step.  That honey I just ate?  Will eventually go away, although, I suppose I could make an exception for raw honey on occasion.   Those olives I ate yesterday…umm yep no more olives.  Not that I EVER eat olives, but still.  If I were full on Paleo, several things I ate in the last 5 days would not be on track.

So I am looking ahead at what is to come and mentally preparing for it and enjoying the transition as I go.

One other thing I am noticing is how much freedom I am finding in this method.  I was nervous when he said I wouldn’t be counting calories.  For three years that is how I have measured and quantified what I ate.  But this new plan is not about that and I was afraid that I would find myself overeating all the time.  I am pleased to notice that I am not.  I never eat till I am stuffed.  I think that because I have such a history with calorie counting I already know without thinking what is an appropriate amount of food or not.

I am liking this method so far.  Looking forward to learning more.

Making Some Changes

This week, I met Daniel and I began implementing the very first step of Plan #747 that I have attempted while on this journey.  If you have been reading along, you know this new step involves a pretty clean eating style called Paleo Diet and a pretty intense workout style called Crossfit. Google them both if you dare, but I warn you the information can be overwhelming.

The first step has been to remove all grains and sugars from my diet.  That is the only part of the Paleo diet that Daniel wants me to focus on.  When I get good at this, then he will add another step.

Today, as I wake up I am beginning Day 5 of being grain and sugar free, I am quite proud of myself as I have navigated some good social situations with some DELICIOUS food being served.

The first 2 days were rather tough, since I didn’t really have the groceries to do this well nor did I have a concrete plan.  I found myself picking chocolate out of trail mix so I could eat the nuts and eating at the grocery store salad bar, which got rather expensive quick.  I began to really notice that grains are everywhere.  I used to think I didn’t eat a lot of carbs until I was trying to avoid them.  Without a plan in place, it was like walking through a minefield.

sorting the good from the bad

got smart and bought my own salad makings, this became 2 meals

By the third day, I was able to get some shopping and prepping in the night before so I felt great about day 3.  I felt like I had gotten to the other side of the minefield.  Then came day 4.

Day 4 was a bridal shower for the famed Aaron, whom you have heard much about, and his fiancée Erin.  I went in knowing that like all good bridal showers, there would be a salad there and with the plan being to eat that, no matter how good the other stuff looked.

Well, here is what was served.  Pizza, pasta, gnocchi, cheese and crackers, bread with bruschetta, fruit and veggies and hummus, and a salad.  Oh and cake pops!!  Have you ever had them?  They are delicious…Avoiding these was my biggest temptation!

I filled my plate with everything but the pizza, pasta, bread or crackers.  And no cake pops for me. Quickly I discovered the salad had a very sweet tasting dressing on it.  Which I loved.  I know many dressings have sugar in them, but for now, if I can’t taste it, I am not worrying too much about it.  This one I could taste the sweetness.  So after one bite, I didn’t eat any more. I ate my veggies and hummus, my fruit, my scoop of bruschetta and my goat cheese spread.  And I was satisfied.

Unfortunately, such a light lunch does not last very long.  I was hungry and those cake pops were calling my name.  As I came back from the restroom, I noticed another little table with appetizers on it.  It had olives of varying kinds, some stuffed, some not, and MEAT.  I grabbed Jen’s arm.  I was ecstatic! “Look! Meat!”  She just laughed at me.  I took a couple chunks of the meat, and a few olives and was once again satisfied and pleased with myself.

A little while later, Aaron was talking to me and eating a cake pop.  I asked him if it was as delicious as it looked, as I salivated watching him eat it.  He said it was.  So I told him he had to eat another one, this time chocolate for me.  Dear friend that he is had no problem obliging.  I was satisfied.

I left feeling pretty darn pleased with myself and looking forward to dinner with more friends later in the day.

Oh, did I mention on Day 4, I was scheduled to give my first official weigh in numbers to Daniel.  So I started my day by weighing myself and discovered I was down 10 pounds since Memorial Day when I discovered my most atrocious new starting point.  I am not sure I actually lost 10 pounds.  I think a different scale plays a factor and the fact the memorial weekend I had been eating beef jerky so had a lot of salt in my system.  But, regardless of the where the difference in number came from, I am much better with this number than the previous and will chalk it all up to a loss for now.

I start Step 2 on Tues morning with my first workout with CJ from Crossfit. I am excited and nervous and scared out of my mind…but mostly I am excited.  This workout style sounds just a little bit bad ass….and I like to be bad ass.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzD9BkXGJ1M  Go watch the video…seriously.


More About Hope

So yesterday, after processing through all of my conversation with Daniel, I sent this email to Coach and Aaron.  I thought I would share.  This is just highlights.

1.       Daniel is nothing like I expected.

2.       His role is more of a mentor, my co-worker likens it to an AA sponsor.  Someone who I will talk to regularly about food, exercise, where my head is at, how I am feeling, whats going on and he will slowly walk me through making the changes as we do them.  Sooo like you guys except a pro about diet, nutrition and exercise!

3.       Today I am changing one thing.  No processed grains or sugars.  SO no breads, cereals, pastas or rice.  He is leaving oatmeal alone for now.   When I master this change and feel comfortable living in it, he will make another change.  I will then continue to live with the first change and add the second to it…and on and on we go.  So this morning I had eggs and sausage for breakfast.  Probably not the BEST thing I could have eaten but I DIDN’T eat the bagel offered at our weekly meeting, so in his method, I was successful for breakfast.   I need to ask him for breakfast ideas that are not always eggs…J

4.       I do not count calories.  He will explain this as we go along…

5.       Did I mention he is not charging me.  He considers this paying it forward from the goodness he has received in life.  His idea is that what good is his knowledge if he doesn’t share it. He said he works at a mega gym for a paycheck, but this stuff  he does for purpose.  So why not bring me into LA Fitness??  Because it is not the best for me.  Hmmmm

6.       He said not to expect major changes in the first month.  My body will be adjusting to a LOT of changes in workout style, nutrition and the whole shebang…but after 3 months I should see a major difference…soooo by Aaron’s wedding in September….I might be smoking!!!

7.       He said by 6 months He will begin working with me on skin care.  I looked at him quizzically.  What does skin care have to do with all this…I was thinking perhaps he wanted to help me with acne???  Umm no…he said that by 6 months I will begin needing to plan for tightening up loose skin and he knows of things to help with that.  WHAT!!  Seriously!  He knows ways without surgery to take care of that…OMG…I thought I would just forever have an ugly body even if I am fit and at a healthy weight for the rest of my life…

8.       As for workouts…number of days per week and all that…He said start with one day and see how you feel.  If you need to skip a day then skip a day.  Over time I will get better.  The ideal workout schedule with crossfit is 3 days on 1 day off.  1 hour per day. Beyond that, go live an active life.  Swim, bike or run as I wish…no restrictions…with exception to stay off the races (because of the stress factor) for this year so I can focus on mastering this diet and workout lifestyle.  Its not that I can’t but to add it back in could be overwhelming and he is all about keeping me underwhelmed.  So far he is good on this front.   He said this time next year, I will kill it at BLT  because I will be in such a different place physically and mentally.

9.       He will take new measurements each month.  I will weigh myself at about the same time.  He sent me my measurements and they are awful but he has “ordered” me to not worry about them.  They are just for today.  I am reminding myself of this constantly.

10.   Some suggestions he has made for me to consider is of course keeping a food journal, but better he said is to make it a photo journal that I post somewhere.   He said if I find myself not wanting to take that picture or post it, I probably shouldn’t be eating it in the first place.

There were several times as he talked that I literally felt the breath exhale from me in relief as whatever he said just felt comforting and ok and like this is all possible again.

I don’t know if Crossfit or Paleo diet is the best thing or the right thing or if I might end up hurting myself more than hurting.  For all I know this may not work at all….  I don’t know any of that…but what I do know is the hope I am feeling and for now I am following the scent of hope.

The Scent Of Hope

Since my last blog post, I had lunch with a person I rarely see, and without knowing what was going on with me and my whole wagon chasing/trainer losing/angry/hurt/upset “thing” that was going on, she said to me…

“Kim you HAVE to meet Daniel…he can help you, I just know it!”

Now this person who is making this recommendation to me ALWAYS has an unsolicited recommendation for something that is THE thing that will help me reach my goals.  It usually involves some obscure root of something that I have never heard of….so needless to say I have always casually dismissed her recommendations as being kooky….and all of you fellow weight loss bloggers know how I might feel about unsolicited advice…

Now I am gonna be polite of course so I ask, “who is Daniel?”  But I am already on guard.

Well he is a trainer and he is so disciplined about diet and nutrition and exercise, you have to meet him.  She then proceeds to call her daughter and son-in-law who are the real friends of this guy Daniel and impress upon them the importance of me meeting him and of course they agree I should.

Long story short, we went to lunch and at lunch they kept pressing me to contact him…so WHILE AT LUNCH I sent a strange man a message that said  “I am told you can help me and that we should meet about my diet/nutrition/exercise/weight loss goals.  Interested?  BTW LF recommended you.”

And so begins our extensive communication over the next two weeks.   The more info he sent me the more overwhelmed I got.  He started mentioning something strange called the Paleo diet and Crossfit.  I didn’t know what either of these were so I asked The Google.   Caveman diet and insanely intense workout plan.

Nope.  No way.

No carbs?

No rice?

No Pasta?

Well, it is more than that.  Google it.  You will see.

Anyway, I met with him for the first time last night to see if we could be a good fit.

I went into the meeting full of anxiety.  I walked up to him and told him flat-out that I was afraid of him and his methods.  He asked why as he smiled at me.

Because everything you are telling me is different from everything I know and I don’t understand and honestly, I don’t think I can do what you are telling me to do.

He then sat me down and answered every question I had for the next nearly 3 hours.  He never looked at his watch.  He never looked around like he had somewhere else to be.  My questions were the only thing he wanted to talk about and when they were exhausted he shared more info with me.  Then I asked more questions and he shared more info.  I didn’t feel like I was being sold to.

Several times as we talked about different things I literally felt the tension leave my body and hope fill that space where it was.  It was an actual physical feeling and I was grateful to recognize it.  I hadn’t realized that I had actually grown quite hopeless about ever succeeding in this area.

I don’t know if these methods are the best or right or good.  I don’t even know if I can do these workouts or stick to a plan that doesn’t count calories.I have a ton more questions as I walk this all out.  Daniel is giving me the resources to learn for myself though and he is there to explain what I don’t understand.  I like this about him.

All I know is, right now I am getting a good solid whiff of hope again and I am chasing after the scent of it.

More to come on the outcome of our conversation later.  I actually wrote an email to Coach and Aaron today that I am simply gonna post….but not tonight.  Tonight, I gotta go to bed…