2011 Plan

It is now March and I think I have put off this post for long enough.  Initially, I was in a funk around New Years, so I didn’t want to write a plan out.  Then I didn’t want to write one because I “should”.  Then, I went back into a funk and now here I am.  It is March 7th and I am finally going to reveal my grand plan on how I am going to travel down this Road to Beautiful in 2011.

Last year, I had all sorts of areas of life with multiple bullet points.  I thought I was going simple and giving myself room to be flexible and spontaneous and to some degree, I probably was.  Or not. 🙂  Hindsight is 20/20.

I thought about creating a numbers goal.  Demond and I actually came up with one too. However, I am already so far behind on that goal that I decided…nope, no number goal this year.  At least not one that is written down here and staring me in the face every time I have a weigh in.  It is not that I am not working towards something either.  But I don’t need something else to feel guilty over or bad about should I not meet it.

Then I thought about having a workout goal.  You know calories burned per session and number of days a week.  But then I decided that is crazy.  I work hard in every workout and the number of calories I burn varies depending on what I am doing.  Calorie burns are not the most accurate reflection of whether I have worked hard or not. So I nixed that idea too.

So I moved on to the emotional/spiritual goal.  This…I can do…or be…or I got this one!  In fact this one is going to sum up the totality of my 2011 plan.  Are you ready?

  • Grace-  I will give myself grace to live life and to live it fully and imperfectly.  I will NOT beat myself up for eating the occasional cookie or enjoying a potluck with my co-workers or going out to dinner with friends. I will NOT beat myself up if I choose to skip a workout to spend time with the people I love.  I will allow myself freedom to choose and I will trust myself to choose well, knowing that I DO make good choices and can be trusted to do so.
  • Balance-  I will NOT spend every single day twice a day working out and killing myself in the gym.  Beauty is not just my weight loss but it is rather a reflection of my whole life.  If it is not in balance with my food and exercise and relationships and God and sleep and…you get the picture….then there is no Beauty in being a lonely isolated skinny girl.
  • FUN-  I will make time for fun in my life.  Fun, active activities that keep me longing for more. I will enjoy every aspect of this journey and when I am no longer enjoying it, I will take a break, refocus, and come back better than ever.
  • Humble-I am not sure if humble is the word I am looking for here.  But basically, I will not be stubborn. When my trainer or my friends tell me I am melting down and need a break I will not fight them on this.  I will heed their advice and take a break. This will prevent that all-encompassing “I AM DONE!” feeling that seems to plague me from time to time.

And that’s all folks!

Will I keep doing races? Oh yeah!  They fit in the FUN category!

Will I keep counting calories? Yup.  That fits too.

Will I keep working out?  Of course.  All part of balance.

Will I keep blogging?  If I want to stay sane…absolutely.

This journey is not over.

I have this picture hanging on my wall.  It is called Journey’s End and it is a picture of Jesus embracing a man.  The man has his head buried in Jesus’ chest and the look on his face is a mixture of peace and relief and weariness.  The saying says this, “As I travel down the paths of life, I long for the Journey’s End.  For my destination is with my Savior, Resting in the arms of my Best Friend.”

Even when I meet my final goal weight, my Journey will not be over until I am in that place, resting in the arms of the one who knows me best.

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