2010 Plan

In creating this plan, I want something that I can do and that will stretch me.  I want something that will keep my vision at the forefront and will also give me a framework in which to work.  However, that frame needs to have some flexibility for life and well, for the spontaneous me that cannot be contained in a rigid box of rules.  I would die and fail miserably if I were to create that kind of plan.

With that said…

The number goal:

  • 100 lbs in 1 year, shed forever. I did the math.  This works out to just under 2 lbs a week. Doable, in a healthy, respectable way. However, this goal may change based on a future Doctor visit that I plan on having in Feb, once my health insurance kicks in. If accomplished, this will put me under 200 by the end of the year.  I have not weighed this little since probably Jr high or early high school. Dear Lord, what will that number look like on me as a full grown adult?  I have trouble envisioning this…Sooo, if there are any 5’7” females who weigh approximately 198 who wouldn’t mind sharing some photos for me to use as visual reminders of where I want to be, I would love that!
  • EDIT: As of August 2010, this portion is being revised.  New information from the metabolic testing I had done has revealed that I have put my body through a lot of stress and it has been in a starvation state for over a year now.   With the new information I have, I am now programmed out to lose a half to 3/4 a lb per week.  However, we need to get things moving first.  So I know longer have a specific number goal for 2010 other than that it be less than I started with.  The rest of this year is dedicated to simply getting my body to trust that it will be fed enough food so it does not have to stress out.  I want it to know that we are on teh same team and I will do whatever it takes so that it knows I am working with it and not against it.

Fitness goals for 2010:

  • April 24th– Half Marathon-Completed
  • July 4th(ish) first sprint tri, all by myself-Completed
  • August 30th(ish) 2nd Sprint tri, all by myself, a little bit faster than the first.
  • Lose at least 2 minutes off my mile and be able to sustain that pace for 10K.(this may seem conservative, I know, however, I want to be cautious of my knees and not add too much speed along with increased distances too quickly.  Greater speed can come as I get smaller)

Emotional/Spiritual Health Goals:

  • Embrace my femininity-no idea what this will look like, but it might prove fun trying different things out!
  • Continue to feel my feelings instead of checking out through food, alcohol or busyness.
  • Continue in the way of trust with God and with men(not generic for mankind, I mean MEN, who are NOT in my already tight inner circle)
  • Get to the point where my FIRST inclination is to pray first instead of needing to be reminded to “bring things to God.”
  • Getting more honest about when I am struggling and not waiting until after the fact to report in.  Even if I don’t know what is going on or that it is a struggle, at risk of sounding whiney, I will work at identifying what is going on and calling out for help when I need it.  This includes highlighting potential pitfalls or dangerous situations that I have to navigate through so that I have immediate accountability for a specific situation.

Some things that will remain constants:

  • Logging my calories in some way shape or form every day, preferably in some manner that can be verified if my Doctor or inner circle would like to see it.  I.E paper or electronic form.  No fair using my head only.  Sticky notes are fair game as long as they are dated and not lost. (ha ha! if I handed a stack of sticky notes in no form of organization to Aaron, he might go geek on me and input it into a spreadsheet before really reading any of it!)
  • Using my new Polar f6 Heart Rate Monitor daily.  Using its cool gadget features to track calorie burn and actually burn 600 calories daily, from exercise.  I say this because I wore it all night once just to see and I burned 1000 calories just sleeping!
  • Guess that means that some form of exercise will be going on daily.
  • Weighing in weekly and reporting those numbers in to Coach and Aaron, at least.
  • Blogging this journey and creating fodder for that elusive book Coach thinks I should write.

Final Thoughts:

  • You might notice there is not a whole lot of “to do’s” here.  That is intentional.  The ‘to do’s” and “how to’s” will come in shorter time frame things.  That is where my flexibility will come in.  I will be able to change up HOW I am doing this stuff on a monthly basis if things are not working or if I simply need something different.
  • I will likely do more races of some kind (no, not a marathon) throughout the summer and fall.  However, the ones listed above are the ones I am absolutely committed to doing. EDIT: I have picked up a trainer who has pulled me from all endurance races beyond a 5 or 10K with exception to the Girls Best Friend Triathlon.
  • Grace and Balance- I am not perfect, I will never be perfect, I will mess this plan up time and time again.  I know this now, as I lay it out…and yet if my history is any indicator of how I will respond in the future, when I mess up(fail) I will tend to head towards shame and self-contempt, which will lead to hiding from those who love me most.  (This looks like those unofficial breaks).   The plan is to NOT live in that ugly place but rather to embrace my human-ness and to learn from the mistake and rise again.

2 thoughts on “2010 Plan

    • Yes I do Alison! The full explanation is found under my blog titles Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, however the brief answer is that I was not eating enough for how much i was working out. My body requires(scientifically tested) 1904 calories to function, without exercise or work or anything. After all my exercise I was consistently netting out at around 1000 or less.

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