• Lose 25 LBS
  • Lose 50 LBS
  • Lose 75 LBS by June 12th Let’s revise that and make that July 12th, 2009 grrr Aug 12th??? date is TBD…I am sucking wind right now!
  • Lose 100 LBS  November 2012
  • unpack and wear the smaller sizes
  • HAVE to buy new clothes- ALMOST there…smaller sizes are getting me by
  • complete a ropes coursecompleted June 7, 2009
  • Do 2 legs of a triathlon on Aug 29th, 2009
  • LOSE 125 LBS
  • Lose 150 LBS
  • Lose 175 LBS
  • Lose 200 LBS…reach maintenance level
  • Be able to borrow someone else’s clothes, kinda did this, but I don’t think it counts to borrow a big guys jacket…needs to be someone significantly smaller than I’s clothes!
  • Run 5K straight by end of summer 2009 completed Aug 24th, 2009
  • Complete a full sprint triathlon…by myself in 2010
  • Sweat Like Coach!
  • Wear Adam’s snow pants
  • Half Marathon in Nashville in April 2010 and 2011
  • Cedar Point- 2010.  I would love to go this summer, but would be horribly embarrassed if I went and still didn’t fit…so I will wait until I am sure that I will be able to ride every ride!  Lets make this 2013!
  • Be on a GAP Team! (that’s for you Jason-complete June 6-9, 2009)
  • Run around Reed’s Lake (Coach said I had to add this one, even though it is post run!
  • Hike every state Park in Michigan (long term goal-there is 112 of them, might take a while!)
  • Hike the Cumberland Trail by end of 2011.  (300 + miles)
  • Give a guy my phone number
  • ride the swings at the carnival
  • rock climbing
  • Have to buy MORE new clothes

And then of course there are the ones Adam added to my list for me. So these are Adam’s goals for me.

  • white water rafting/kayaking (sure why not!) Summer 2012
  • skiing with Adam-he says he will teach me!
  • solo sail around the world-I will not do this…unless I can take someone with me…too lonely!
  • go BASE jumping-umm no thanks
  • play rock band drums on expert This was sooo fun!  managed 51% too and it was a demon level drums on EXPERT!
  • Play the trumpet- I have done this….in Jr. High…but he/I want to learn again…and then I have to play for him…I can do this!
  • do a flip off the diving board….YIKES…we will see..I am getting closer I will jump off a diving board now, as of May 2009!-getting closer, as of Aug 2009 Adam had me ALMOST diving off the board!  I am getting there!
  • Clean the Medema Mansion-Been there done that…he is just trying to get out of chores!
  • do a handstand-got it recorded on video (in the water of course!)
  • go surfing
  • lay on a bed of nails- um no…you first
  • walk across burning coals- again..you first Adam!
  • blow bubbles
  • tight rope walk the Grand Canyon- as long as I can be harnessed in and have a rope above and below me…ok…umm just saw a picture of the Grand Canyon…This is NOT gonna happen!

11 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Lets go skydiving together.

    i think next year’s GAP instead of a ropes course we should have team skydiving.

  2. KIM-

    I AM IN AWE of God…and you. What a complete success you are as you trust God to get you through this and as you meet each and every goal (although I was at the Grand Canyon this summer and that would be TERRIFYING). I’m so proud of you, Kim! Keep it up. You are not defined by your past, but by this present moment in Christ.

  3. Gotta do the whitewater rafting..sooo much fun.The Rivermen out of Fayetteville WV is a great place to start.Suggest the fall (Sept. and Oct)when the Gulley waters are high.Super fun!Keep up the good work and see you at BLT!

  4. So I just re-read this, and I’m fairly certain I never noticed that one of your goals is to “sweat like Coach.” That is too funny! I notice that he never comments on your facebook status updates. Is he still boycotting?

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