We’re Having a 100 pound Party: Kim’s Loss Our Gain

Earlier this week Kim shared with all of us how she had hit the 100 pound loss mark. She was wondering, “How do I celebrate such a milestone?” I made a suggestion to Kim of what SHE could do. Then I thought “something is wrong with this.” When there is a party it is to celebrate the person and in this case we need to celebrate Kim’s gigantic accomplishments.

Then I began thinking of where would the party be? It was hard to nail down a location given Kim’s following is now all over the world. Then I wondered, what would we serve at the party? It seems like Leif and Tate have been the menu planners for the last several month. I don’t know about you but I’d rather they keep their day jobs and allow me to call a caterer. Well you can see the breakdown in that thinking. Son now with two strikes against me I began wondering what kind of present would I bring? Well my thought was a box of chocolates. No I can’t bring that. I could send her $1 per pound. No I don’t have that. Okay as you can see I hit the 3-strikes and your out spot.

I put the planning aside and instead while I was washing dishes last night the idea popped into my head. Let’s throw Kim a one of a kind party. It is important that all of us make an appearance by weighing in. But don’t worry since it is a party for Kim there won’t be any scales you have to step on. We are going to weigh in with our words of gratitude.

We’ve all heard and probably used the cliche, “Your loss is my gain.” Truer words have never been spoken then now. In one way or another as we’ve all travelled Kim’s Road to Beautiful with her, her beauty has made us more beautiful or handsome as the case may be. The details and directions to the party are listed below.

When: It starts right now. How appropriate that it begins as we enter the season of thankfulness and giving.

Where: There are 4 weigh in locations: Facebook, Kim’s blog, Kim’s personal email, or snail mail.

Theme: Kim’s 100 pound loss our gain

Contributions toward a gift: We are building Kim a 100 pound trophy from our hearts. Lets come up with 100 ways Kim’s loss has been our gain. Now you may hit the like button of someone else’s post, but since Kim hasn’t taken the easy way out on her journey we can’t either. We each can write something unique. It may only be one word that you and Kim share between you. It may be an object that will bust a gut between you. This is all about Kim. We will all be the richer for this time, but our main goal is to celebrate Kim and what she means to us and how her road of obedience wasn’t just about her but it was for us, her community.

What if: we hit 100 ways Kim’s loss has been our gain? Well then we work towards the second 100 to encourage Kim along the road to her final destination. So every weigh in counts. Kim will keep the tally.


11 thoughts on “We’re Having a 100 pound Party: Kim’s Loss Our Gain

  1. Watching Kim reach for her weight loss goal even when the MD’s didn’t believe it was possible is one that has encouraged me to try again to lose weight. When I’m having a hard day on my now 3 month 18 lb loss journey and I want to cave in there is usually a post on FB where Kim shares something she has learned. I’ve appreciated how Kim has avoided situations where she couldn’t resist the temptation. I’m allergic to animals and have done the same in those situations but somehow haven’t applied the same discipline when it is food and I’m trying to lose weight. I just figured I had to resist but then I couldn’t so I caved. Thanks Kim.

  2. Aww Kim….my computer is doing crazy things and just posted a random song instead of my post. so sorry. Please delete it 😉

    Anyway….if I had to sum up what following your journey has meant to me with a few words it would be . . . tenacity, persistence, courage. Knowing that someone like you is out there NEVER GIVING UP makes it so much easier for me and many others like me to get up each day and give it another try. It gives us the hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Love you girl!

    • On second thought…perhaps the song was a happy accident as the lyrics could certainly apply…. we aren’t alone….pay no mind to the demons that fill us with fear…the trouble might drag us down, but if lost and we keep at it (which your journey surely gives us the courage to do)…we can always be found… Sometimes in the thick of the battle it feels uncomfortable in our new skin, but have no fear….I’m going to make this place my home….. 🙂 I love happy accidents.

      • Aww thank you Teresa!! Do you know, i always thing of you as Tessie Dawn! I could say much the same about you my girl! You too, are one who has not stopped trying to find the method that will work for your body. I keep praying you will!! and yes, Happy accidents are awesome!!

  3. Congratulations on your journey so far Kim!
    You are a strong and inspirational woman. I happened to stumble across your blog about two weeks ago and since then I have spent most evenings reading through your many posts! I see myself in many of your posts and at the time I found you…although I have lost 30 kg on my journey so far ( with about 30kg more to go) …I had hit a rough patch, my PT had moved away and I was finding comfort in food again. After reading your blog, I thought it was time to pick myself up…I am on the right track with my food, training with friends 3 times a week and have started couch to 5km training as well. So… I guess I am trying to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! The words you write have so much power and I feel like I am right beside you on this journey from the other side of the world. Xxx

    • Wow, thank you Sharon! Welcome to the Road 2 beautiful and thank you for sharing how my blog/life has encouraged you! COngrats on getting started again and best of luck! DOn’t ever give up!

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  5. Hi Kim! You have an amazing accomplishment in losing 100 lbs. Congratulations! To watch you go thru it, mostly from a distance, is actually quite inspiring. The fact you didn’t give up, even when plan after plan didn’t work out for you, is truly amazing. But even more than that, you have been so open with people about your struggle. Little by little maybe, but still open. I think that’s a very big deal. Congrats, again!

  6. I can’t even begin to tell me how inspiring your story has been, and continues to be for me. I know no matter what obstacles I run into, I can do it because you did, despite the many challenges you have faced! So glad to be a part of your 100 pound party!!

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