WS #4 Don’t Make Rash Decisions

This next strategy is one that is REALLY hard to do, although it seems really simple.

We are often advised that we should not make major decisions during a crisis.  I think a similar idea can be implemented here.  When it comes to food intake and wanting to eat food off plan, I find my most difficult times are when I am going through emotional stuff.  Some of my sexual abuse story may be kicking up as people notice my “shrinking ass”.  I may be upset because I am not seeing the results I would hope for or what seems reasonable to expect from my efforts.  I may just be feeling out of control about some aspect of my life(usually really busy times where I am lacking sleep).

All of the above are my main triggers for emotional eating.  I know what they are and I am usually pretty aware when and which one is kicking up at a given time. I get stumped when more than one kicks up at the same time though and that is usually when I fail at my nutrition/training plan in some way.

The thing I have really been working on doing is NOT eating in the very moment I want to eat.  Essentially, waiting until the “crisis” or emotional struggle passes…aka waiting until the “urge”  to eat is gone.  When I wait, I win.  If I wait,  I don’t eat at all off plan because I am no longer even wanting to eat off plan, I am satisfied.  The times that I have failed and eaten off plan I have walked myself through the emotions and WILLFULLY and CONSCIOUSLY chose to feed that emotion with food, and have done so in a very planned way such as ONE bite or ONE PIECE of something I am wanting to fill the hole with.  In doing this process of thinking through what is going on for me and waiting, I have managed to avoid all out food binges.  I have laughed with my trainer over the fact that I now call eating ONE donut an EPIC fail!

Not easy friends to be fully present in your eating and fully aware of your emotions 100% of the day.  You are not perfect and never will be.  When you fail, get right back up and keep going.

Now that is the eating part.

The other part is, don’t fire your trainer/expert (if you have hired one) or quit your program when you are at a low point.  About a month or so ago, I was really mad at my trainer and frustrated with the process.  It just didn’t seem to be working, from my very disillusioned perspective and frankly, quitting felt easier.   I had told my self that I would not make those kind of decisions based on emotion.  So I waited. I waited until I was past the emotional stuff going on.  Once I was past it, I realized that I LOVE my trainer and his plans ARE working, just not always according to my expectations, and that is ok.   If I had fired him and quit when I was in an emotionally tough place, I would have missed out what has come since that time.

In essence, don’t make big decisions based on emotions in the moment.  Wait the emotions out and if you still feel the same after the firestorm has passes, then make a rational decision about things.


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