WS#3 Make A Plan…Stick To The Plan

Here is the nitty gritty.  It does no good to have a solid nutritional or training plan unless you are going to follow it 100%.

So you have decided to take charge of your health.  You have chosen your plan.  No matter which path you choose make sure you follow it all the way through.

I happen to have chosen to hire a nutritional genius who has a lot of experience in helping people shed fat and meet the goals they have set for themselves.  Each week I am given a new training and nutrition plan for that week and am expected to follow it.  What is not given (most of the time) is the plan specifics.  I am generally given nutrition numbers to hit within a meal and a number of meals to hit each day.   If I waited until the morning to figure out HOW I am going to hit those numbers I am going to fail…every time.

So here is what I do.  I typically cook protein up in larger quantities for 3-4 days at a time.  Boring food or repeating the same thing meal after meal does not bother me.   Bags of steam-able broccoli and raw almonds are my best friends.

Each night, I portion out my meals for the next day carefully measuring my protein, fat, and carb sources(if allowed) out.  I premix any protein shakes and put it all in the fridge.  In the morning, all I have to do is grab all my containers for the day out of the fridge and put them in my reusable grocery bag aka lunch bag.

Then, the hard part comes…

I have to actually eat all of what I packed, nothing extra and don’t make any changes to the plan.

If I am going to go out to eat, it is planned ahead of time.  I look at the menu online and figure out what I can have that will fit in my plan and figure out what changes I will need to request when I order.  I KNOW that if eating out is sprung on me, I don’t choose the best options for my plan.  So instead, I decline surprise invites out.

Rigid?  Yup.

Difficult?  For this socialite, at times, yes.

Worth it?  Absolutely.

Here is the thing.  I have paid a decent amount of money for these nutrition/training plans.  Road maps, if you will, that if followed will get me to my destination.  It does me no good to go off road/plan.  It won’t work.  I will be lost for sure in no time.

It is best to just stick to the plan you had in place when you left the house that morning.

Sure, life happens.  But results come when you follow a plan in the midst of life.  Figure out what works for you…make a plan…and stick to it.


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