Is It Hard?

People often ask me if my nutrition/training program is hard. I think the unspoken question is really “I wonder if I can do it.”

My answer to the spoken question is this. YES, it is.

Yes, it IS hard to create time to do all of the meal prep/planning it requires to be successful. It is difficult at times to turn down dinner out with friends because I know I am in a tough place and know I won’t navigate a restaurant well. It is difficult to trust two men with a huge part of my life and time and to give up control to them. Some days are really hard on the motivation front and to navigate the emotional roller coaster that accompanies this massive body transformation. It is a sacrifice to get up at 5 AM to get my workout in out in the cold and dark and wet.

But, it’s not NEARLY as hard as it is/was to live life at 356 lbs and growing, constantly disappointed in myself, always second guessing myself and without hope that anything could/would ever be different.

Today, I have hope, thanks to the Leif Anderson Fitness Family (coaches and clients) and therefore….

I will take my current HARD over my old hard any day of the week. This hard is worth the sacrifice. My life is changing and who I am is becoming more beautiful as I embrace the process.

As for the unspoken question of Can I do it?

Yes, you can…if you want it bad enough, you can/will make it happen.


4 thoughts on “Is It Hard?

  1. Once again my dear, you amaze me. The perfect articulation of this journey and answer to the question. I actually say the same thing in my speeches, talks. It is not easy but it is not nearly as difficult as sitting in an office chair 12-18 hours days with no hope for a different life. Great blog. Great journey. Keep it up sister! 🙂

  2. I read something once:

    Being fat is hard.
    Losing weight is hard.
    Maintaining is hard.
    Pick your hard.

    You’ve chosen, and you’re nailing it, even when it’s HARD!!

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