WS#1 Decide. Commit. Do It.

I have decided that on Wednesdays I am going to have an ongoing series called “Winning Strategies”.  All the posts will be things that I do or have done that help me to win a moment, or a meal, or a day…and ultimately to win this war and to reach my full potential.  So here we go….my #1 pick of all strategies I employ, this one MUST be done or else nothing else will work.

You must DECIDE.

Decide what it is you want for your life.  Create a vision.   Something BIG.  REALLY BIG.  So big it scares the crap out of you.  Something you don’t think is possible.

I decided that losing 150+ lbs was my impossible.  I also decided I was done with letting my weight hold me back from actually living and participating in life, as opposed to merely spectating.

Once you decide what it is that you want, then you must COMMIT.

Commit to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  How it happens may change and evolve over time.  Goodness knows I have employed so many different tactics to get to where I am at, but it’s not necessarily always about the “how”, at least not at first.  If you are committed to the change you want, you will do whatever it takes to get it done.  For me, this meant re-working my budget so I could afford a trainer and a gym membership.  It currently means I don’t go out to eat, hardly ever and I will turn down social events if I don’t feel like I can handle being around food that is not in my plan.

That brings me to the last thing.  DO IT!

Get it done.  There is nothing else to do but to do it, as Leif says!

Create a plan and follow it.

Adjust it as necessary.

Just get it done.

You are worth it!


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