The First 20 Weeks

From my title you may be able to guess that I have signed on again with Leif Anderson Fitness for another round of torture treatment success.

I haven’t had a lot of time to actually write out what the last 20 weeks have entailed, mainly because I am always prepping food or working out or volunteering with my church or….just exhausted.  However, I have been processing things a lot and have a million blogs written in my head.  Here is a snapshot of what is to come before I get going on this one.

  • New York City and Coach!
  • Buying things and giving them away
  • Shopping in my new size
  • “I can’t” vs “I get to”
  • Warrior Dash 2012

That is just a few of the teasers of things to come.  For now, back to the First 20 weeks!

The past 20 weeks have been hard in a very different way than any other part of my journey towards fat loss.  I have had to get over the idea in my head that I have to work harder to get better results.  The reality for me has been that the opposite is true.  For much of my time, my physical training program has consisted of low to medium intensity “walks” with a smattering of high intensity intervals and strength training.  For most of the last 5 months I have not been able to run or Crossfit or boot camps or any other kind of workout that I would deem “FUN”.  The style of workout that I love(hard, fast, intense) is not necessarily the style of workout that is most conducive to fat loss, so it seems.
I have had to learn to trust a man I have yet to meet or talk to with a huge aspect of my life.  Given my history with trainers promising results and producing little actual results, this was difficult at best.  Add to that my own trust/control issues in general, trusting a stranger with all of my numbers and giving him control of everything I eat, drink or do for exercise for the foreseeable future and you have a boiling pot of possible chaos and mess.   Trusting Leif Anderson was probably the biggest piece to this whole time.  I didn’t always get the explanations and answers I would want or think I needed in order to do the plan well when I wanted them.  I don’t know from his end if this was intentional on his part or not, but it helped me in learning to trust him.

He gives the plan, I follow it and it either produces results or it doesn’t.  If it doesn’t I had to learn to NOT go into self hate mode and blame myself or my body for its failings but rather to evaluate.  Did I follow the plan or not?  If I did, then I had to learn to let it go and trust that he is looking at those same numbers and planning and plotting a strategy that WILL produce.

I had to settle down, quit challenging him to prove me and my body wrong and I had to let go and let him do his thing.

In many ways, following this ever-changing plan was easier than anything I have ever done.  While I DID have many moments of freaking out because in a SINGLE week, perhaps I didn’t lose or perhaps I had a gain, for the most part, losses have been the most consistent thing.  I began to notice a pattern to now my body seems to lose weight and by the end, my freakouts were far less crazy and way more manageable.   I never once had to question whether my trainer knew what he was doing or if he was paying attention.  If a program did not yield results in one week but he continued with the plan, he explained why we were giving it another go.
It has been a wonderful thing to work through a lot of really hard stuff and at the end of the designated time actually see results.  As of the end of my first 20 weeks, I was down 50 lbs and up a whole lot of hope.   I am incredibly grateful that God led me to LAF when He did.  I am glad I decided to give him one shot at my body.  I am grateful that this man  is passionate about what he does and was willing to step into what could have been a really ugly space(and at times was) to help me along.

I am forever grateful to Leif for showing me my body is not broken….and one day…possibly within the next year, I will walk back into that endocrinologist office(who told me my only hope was surgery) and show him how wrong he is/was.
For now though, I continue working with the Leif Anderson Fitness Team, which for me means, that Tate is no longer just my cheerleader.  I am now working with both Leif and Tate to achieve all of my fitness goals.

I know the LAF website is down right now because they are not actively taking on new clients right now, however if you are really interested let me know, I can get you in contact with them so that when a spot opens up you can be in line for them!


4 thoughts on “The First 20 Weeks

  1. Well written Kim, as per usual. I am so glad you found Leif and the courage and strength to trust. It is a match made in heaven! Kudos to you for ALL of your accomplishments – inside and out. It is a delight to share this journey with you and watch you transform before our eyes! Rock on.

  2. I am so glad for you that you found LAF. Your body is not broken, you just had to find the right combo of “stuff” to do/eat, and Leif is helping you do that. Can’t wait to keep following…and to read those posts you’ve promised!

  3. 🙂 This post makes me happy! So glad you gave it one last try. I’ve been struggling myself lately to set aside what I think I “should” be doing (which is boot camp and working really hard) and simply doing those lower impact things that my body seems to be responding to. It’s hard to do that when things like crossfit and boot camp are our “fun” 😉 Can’t wait to hear what your next 20 weeks are like.

  4. Wow I am so in love with your blog! I just signed on with LAF yesterday after being referred to them and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to read more about your journey!

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