Journeying With Friends

I can pinpoint a time several years ago that I can say, my journey towards weight loss and healing began.  It began with a conversation.  A really hard one.  Now granted, at that time, I was STILL unwilling to take a hard look at the sexual abuse and its contribution to my weight struggles, but I was willing to at least acknowledge it.

There was a woman in that room, in my same small group (You have to read the full story by following the link to fully understand) that day.  She was in on that really hard conversation and has, since that time, been a part of my life on some level.  By this I mean, that weekend we got to know some of each others darkest secrets and greatest shames.  We knew each other intimately, but we probably STILL couldn’t tell you what each others favorite color or food is.

Over the years, we have followed each others blogs and followed each other on FB, but rarely have we spent any time together.

In the last few weeks, she has come to join up with Leif Anderson Fitness and is working with The Kid.

Up until this point in my journey, I have never had someone who already knows me doing the exact same thing I am doing.  Many have been on a weight loss journey but we have all been doing different things at different times.

I am grateful that I get to Journey this road with this woman.  When we tell each other how HUNGRY we are…because we are on the exact same kind of program, we get it.  Just like I do with the other ladies I have come to know thru working with Leif, our first questions are, “what does your plan look like this week?”

If it is something we have had before we can commiserate and share secrets of how we got through it.  It has been wonderful to be able to talk/whine thru some of these crazy weeks with fellow Leif-ites.

But there really is something special about journeying through this, in this way, with someone who has seen the rawness of my heart,  someone who has seen some of my deepest pain at the same time as I have seen it myself and with someone who I have shared gut wrenching laughter with over that same pain.

Yes indeed, there is something special to this…and I am grateful for it.

Thank you my dear friend for having the courage to step into hope in this area of your life, for always encouraging me in my own journey and for journeying with me.


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