A Bra-ve Adventure

***Fair warning now to men…I am talking about bras in this post, read at your own risk!***

With my recent rapid weight loss came a strong NEED for new underthings.  And a swimsuit for this year.  As a fat person, I have always thought that they way things fit (or didn’t) was just the way things were and were simply another consequence of obesity.  Things like, bra straps and bathing suit straps NEVER staying on my shoulders.  Ongoing issues in trying to find items that fit and support and nothing in my size would actually be pretty!

This week was no exception.  Friday night, with sales going on, I went in search of some affordable items to get me through the next couple months knowing I would have to replace them again soon with Leif on my payroll.

Mistake #1- I went alone.  A girl who struggles with shopping in general and NEVER finds things to fit should NEVER shop alone.  She needs a wing girl along for the ride to build her self-esteem back up when everything she THINKS should fit doesn’t.

Mistake #2- I went alone.  Yes, I know I am repeating myself.  You see, it doesn’t matter in those moments of extreme frustration that you have lost 47 lbs in 12 weeks and in one week 17 lbs. All of that is erased from your memory in a case of selective amnesia as you try item after item on with NOTHING fitting.  It doesn’t make sense.  47 lbs down, my current size no longer lifts, supports or in general fits so the next size smaller SHOULD fit…and it doesn’t.  You need another woman along to sit on the floor of the dressing room floor and just cry with you.

Mistake #3- yep you guessed it.  I went alone.  When you are done crying on the floor of the department store dressing room, you need someone to help you up and walk out with you helping you to hold on to all of your dignity as you hang more useless items on the “return to floor” rack and walk out empty-handed.  Then to make sure you don’t go to the nearest ice cream parlor and gorge on enough ice cream to at least justify why those items just don’t fit.

Fortunately, I have online friends and a phone with a complete data plan and other friends on phone stand by.  No ice cream was gorged on, although I wanted to.  I left devastated, to say the least.

The next day, some friends suggested I go to a specialty store to get fitted for a bra and swimsuit.  I did this once, at Victoria Secret.  It was one of the  most humiliating experiences of my life.  Clearly nothing in that store would fit me and therefore I was a waste of that person’s time, and her attitude and demeanor let me know it.

Needless to say, I was NOT up for a repeat experience and was convinced that is what would happen.  Not to mention, that I have to stand half-naked in a room with another person who I don’t know knowing my measurements.

But my friend Yvonne agreed offered to go with me(so grateful because I NEVER would have asked)…and so I went…full of fear and trepidation and certain that even if they knew my correct size they wouldn’t sell anything in my size let alone anything pretty.

Boy was I wrong.

This woman was the kindest lady ever.  I told her my situation and my experience.  She took some measurements and came back and in ONE try had a bra size that FIT.   I was shocked!  She then left and came back with several different styles and colors and they ALL fit!  We moved on sports bra’s.  I was shocked to discover that sports bras didn’t have to flatten you in to a pancake or make you look like you have one big boob!  Finally, we moved on to bathing suits.

Within an hour, I spent a small fortune, but I walked out feeling confident and sexy and pleased with my purchases.  My head was held high.  My girls were lifted and supported properly.  And while I needed Yvonne to get me there, I didn’t need her to help me off the floor, to walk me out or to keep me from binging on illegal food items.


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