NYC And Coach!

It is 1 AM and I have to be up at 4AM to get ready for a 7 AM  flight (ironically as I type this I hear a plane flying over my house-I don’t live far from DTW).  Where am I going?

New York City!

I have never been there before and if I m honest it has NEVER been on my list of places to go.  But I am a woman of relationship and one of my most significant relationships moved there last fall chasing his dream of being a world changer.  Coach started grad school last fall and since then he has written about and posted pictures of such delightful places in NYC.  He has made NYC, which seemed like a very overwhelming place to visit, sound absolutely delightful!

I decided I wanted to go to see his new home and to visit the friend I have seen once since he left.  I cannot picture Coach in this city.  My perspective of him does not fit into my perception of NYC.  Yet, there he lives and thrives…and does his Doctoral research.  I WANT to go, but there is a part of me that MUST go so that when I think of Coach I can picture him in his lab or on the subway or in his apartment.  All of these things don’t make sense to me, I have no context for them…so in a few hours I go to NYC.

SO many have asked me what I am going to see and what I am going to do there.  I have no idea except to cherish my time with my friend.  Statue of Liberty?  Central Park?  Empire State Building?  Ground Zero?  Coney Island?  Time Square? It would seem wrong to go to this city and NOT see those things so I suppose I will.  But what I really want to do is see the things that Coach has discovered about NYC.  He has a knack for discovering all sorts of hidden interesting things and learning the history about them, then telling that history in a super fascinating way.

Yup, my way of traveling is pretty laid back and has nothing to do with the typical tourist stuff.  The stuff I want to see is ALWAYS tied to a relationship or a person in some way.  If I were to go to Paris, I wouldn’t care f I saw the Eiffel Tower or not…but I would love to find some obscure coffee shop and meet some stranger and find out the things they love about their city…then go see those things!

Now, yes, I am going on vacation.  But I am NOT taking a vacation from my nutrition plan.  I aim to prove that one can stay on plan while on vacation!  I have asked Leif to help a girl out and work traveling into his plan for me this week.  I asked for SOME wiggle room for NYC delights but that I didn’t want to go overboard.  He will be sending my full plan soon, but what I do know is that he told me that this trip is coming at a perfect time in my journey with him and it will actually be a blessing in disguise.  Then he asked me to trust him.  Hmmmm specific requests to trust someone usually make me skeptical, but I suppose he has earned some measure of trust that he knows what he is doing.  I know that ice cream has been built into my plan as well as carbs.  What I know of the coming plan baffles my brain.  I don’t see how it would possible work, but I ain’t no expert.  I just plan to follow whatever he says to do, and I am certain Coach will make me stick to it as well!

So, I am not sure if NYC is ready for me, but my bags are packed and I am ready for NYC!

Oh Coach says that I will “lose my shit!” when I see NYC.  I have been laying off the fiber supplement this week, just in case! (not intentionally, I just always forget that nasty stuff!)

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