Why This Is Working

I have been really pondering this past week what it is about this plan/program/Leif that is working and have come up with a number of things.  On a practical side, Leif does what he said he would.  He changes my program on a weekly basis to adjust for my body’s responses from the week before.   The program is tailored to me. For my body chemistry.  My plan may not work for you AND it could actually be harmful for you, but I bet Leif has a plan that WILL work for you!

But that is not all.  I think the reason it is working comes down to commitment.  It actually worked in my favor that I went in to this with the attitude I did.  My attitude was, I will do WHATEVER you tell me to…and let you either prove yourself(Leif) or hang yourself.  Either, Leif could deliver what he promised or my body really was broken and if it was broken, I was done.  With that attitude came an unwavering commitment.  If it didn’t work, I could quit free and clear knowing it wasn’t because of a lack of effort on my part. This fear/doubt of me sabotaging myself has been hanging on me since Demond and it was/is time to get rid of it.

And then there is this.

A number of years ago, I was in a training and the trainer told a story.  I am sure I will mess this story up, but I hope you will get the point.

A young boy wanted to know the secret to success/life.  There was a wise man in town who was known to know the answer so the young boy went to him and asked him to teach him the secret to success/life. The man agreed and told the boy to meet him by the lake the next morning.  The young boy happily agreed and the next morning showed up excited to learn.  The man showed up and told the boy to walk with him to the lake.  They walked together and then walked into the lake.  They went deeper and deeper until the boy couldn’t touch bottom any more.  He cried out for help and the man grabbed his head and pushed him under water and held him there.

The boy wondered what was going on and figured there must be something he is missing so he began to look around thinking perhaps the secret was on the floor of the lake.  Quickly he ran out of breath and he began to thrash and fight to get up for air.  After a struggle, he made it up for air and the man was walking away from him.

The boy sputtered and spat and was angry!  He came out of the water after the man demanding he be told the secret because that is what he was promised.

The man turned and looked at him and said, when you want to know the secret/meaning of life as badly as you wanted that breath of air, and are willing to fight just as hard…then you will find it.  And not a moment before.

So many of us want to lose weight.  So many of us have shared the same struggle of hitting a plateau that seems irreversible.  We have shared our stories and our tears and our frustrations and our pain.

I can’t help but wonder though, if my last 4 years has been me fighting for my next breath.  I was thrashing around searching for answers.  Desperate. My challenge to Leif was me finally coming up for air.  Such relief it was to make that declaration of being done(gasping in air).

I think, when we are willing to lay aside all excuses, look honestly at ourselves and fight desperately for whatever it is we say we want….then we will find it…and not a moment before.

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