17 Pounds Of Learning

This week was a week of epiphanies.  I feel like just about every day I came to some new realization about this journey, particularly under Leif’s guidance and with every realization my resolve and confidence grew.  Here are just a few of the things I learned this week.

I am gonna be Hungry and that is ok.  Early on in the week with a completely new and different plan under way, I was eating lunch and was done and realized that as far as hunger level went, I may as well have eaten nothing.   That is how much affect my food had on me. As I sat there I realized that I will be far better off on this journey if I just accepted the fact that I am going to be hungry on this journey from now until the end, and that is ok. By making room in my psyche for me to simply be hungry, it took the wondering and longings to be FULL to a more manageable level.  Immediately my pity party around this came to a screeching halt and I knew I would be ok.  I knew that I could do this plan this week.  It only took me 11 weeks of working with Leif to come to this realization.  I know, I can be a bit slow at times.

I am learning my limits.  Sitting in a small room with the 4 boxes of pizza my bosses bought for us is too much.  I don’t have to sit there and be tempted, I can leave and not feel bad about it.

I am learning to just get over the self-consciousness that comes with bringing all of your own food with you everywhere you go, even to parties.  My true friends will not be offended that I don’t eat their food.  In fact, several have started asking me what they can have available that would be helpful.  While anyone can make chicken or fish or a salad, it is the pre-measuring and weighing everything that adds a little complication to things that I would rather not have to deal with.  After explaining this, they understand and are glad to support me in whatever way they can.  It is not rude to stick to your commitment and do whatever it takes to succeed.  Your true friends will respect you more for not compromising your goals for momentary pleasure or easiness.

Just because I am at some social gathering doesn’t mean I “deserve” to eat some yummy something.  “Party” is not synonymous with “cheat meal”.  Shoot, if it were, I could have a party every night!

It has been a huge learning week, full of many great successes.  I navigated around pizza, a bonfire(at my house where I supplied the treats), cinnamon rolls at work, gifts of salt water taffy and fudge, a church picnic and who knows what I am forgetting and I was rewarded for it.

On Sunday I got on the scale and screamed, certain I did not just see the number I saw and so mentally thrown off I couldn’t compute beyond knowing it was a double-digit!

I ran to my spreadsheet I keep for Leif, did some math on a calculator because I didn’t trust my brain and laughed in delight as I realized I did what I never thought possible.

I lost 17 lbs of fat in one week!!!

I broke back down below the 300 lb mark.

I am now back to my all time low from the last 4 years of work and am now OFFICIALLY making forward progress on my weight loss goals and not just re-losing what I had lost and gained back!



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