Workout Conversations

I had the day off today.  My plan was to be outside in the predicted warm weather as much as possible, rain or shine.  Well, it turned out to be a shine day and the storms held off until 9PM at night.

Today was beautiful.  It was warm and sunshiny and a wee bit humid…ok a LOT humid.  I heard number of upwards of 90 degrees.  In case you forgot, I am a Michigan girl and 90 degree heat is kind of unheard of for the beginning of May around here.  No matter, I was going to work out at least twice today and not ONCE would I be in a gym!

Well, I am also a bit lazy on my days off and although I INTENDED to be up and running no later than 9 AM, my feet actually hit the pavement at about NOON!

It was a tough run day friends.  Tough indeed.  The heat, that I am not used to was a bit much.  Being unaccustomed to such heat I didn’t plan well for my planned 4 mile run.  I did not bring water with me and I wore all black.  Dumb moves #1 and #2.

But I was committed. I started my run and before 1/4 of a mile was done, I was already whining about how hot it was and how my legs were like jello.  ( A little perspective, I ran the previous 2 days HARD.  7.5 miles between the 2 days of fast intervals.)  Maybe I could walk?  Or maybe I could skip running and go do something else instead.  Better yet, maybe I need food in me?  No, AM cardio is to be done on an empty stomach, you know this.  It is your fault you waited so long to get moving.

I can do a half mile for sure.  My instructions were never to go all out at high intensity for every workout.  Instead my instructions for AM cardio is actually medium intensity.  SO why do I feel like I am not working if I don’t go all out?  Oh yeah, I am a wee bit competitive, even with myself.  If I did 5 miles yesterday, I should be able to do 6 today…right?  Wrong.  That is not how the body works.   Not mine anyway.

So then, as I continued talking myself through my run, I decided that if I got through 1 mile I could walk for a minute.

Then I remembered this woman. (go read her story)  Lori has been working with Leif for about 16 months and has lost over 200 lbs and is now at 18% body fat, the body % of many competitive athletes.  As I thought about walking and calling it at 1 mile and about cutting a loop off that in my early days of running would have been a legit mistake of not realizing it was part of the 1 mile loop…I thought about this woman.  She started out at about my size.  Did she get to 18% body fat by cutting workouts short?  I don’t think so.  Did she get to goal by quitting when it was hard?  Doubt it.  Did she lose 200 lbs by giving less than her best in any given workout.  Absolutely not.

Do I think she is human and possibly WANTED to at various points?  Likely so.  Do I think she had to talk herself through workouts like I was doing?  For sure.  Do I want to look like her when I get done?  Hell Yes!

Wouldn’t you want to look like her when you are in your 40’s? Shoot, I want to look like her in my 30’s!!!

So I ran…and I ran…for about 45 minutes…then I began to realize I was pretty dehydrated and overly hot and I began to get dizzy.

Then… I decided my run was done. I did not quit when it was hard, I stopped when it got potentially dangerous.  Sure I wanted 4 miles, but that was just because I am trying to beat someone to 100 miles run…but ultimately, I did what was required.  45 minutes of medium intensity cardio on an empty stomach.

I left the park and went and got some water…

Note to self, with rising temps, plan better to stay hydrated and don’t wear long pants and all black in 90 degree heat!

I later went and put together a boot camp style workout in the park with a friend…had to end that one early too because of the heat.  Actually thought I was going to throw up for a bit there and got dizzy again.

and Lori….thanks for getting me through that workout…couldn’t have done it without you my new friend!


One thought on “Workout Conversations

  1. Wow, Kim, I am honored for the shout out but even more honored that I could motivate you today remotely. Way to rock it, girl. You are truly amazing. Thanks for the blog. 🙂


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