Things To Remember On Weigh In Day

It has been awhile since my last blog post.  I have many thoughts just no concentrated time to write them out so I have been storing away little nuggets to remember to write about.  For today, I wanted to write about some things I have noticed this week, BEFORE I get to a weigh in. Things I want to remember…

I am onto week 8 with Leif, the body whisperer, and in one way he has been so very different the 4 out of the 5 past trainers I have had.  He has kept his word.  I asked him how he would be different (not in those specific words) than all the others and why his programming would work when 5 other plans did not.  He said because every week he will listen to my body and change things.  He has.  SO far I have not been on the same nutritional or fitness plan more than 2 weeks in a row.  This alone may be the key to keeping my body going.

I wanted to write what I am about to write to serve as a reminder to me as well.  You all know how crazy the scale makes me.  And if Leif were local as opposed to in Minnesota, I would NEVER look at the scale this much, but he NEEDS my results to tailor my programming, so on I step each week.  I have begun to notice a pattern with my body.  In 7 weeks I have lost 26 lbs.  That is an average of just under 4 lbs a week…but it has not come off so smoothly.  Those were hard-fought pounds and some weeks were gains, some were very minimal losses and some were HUGE losses (last week almost 10 lbs in one week)  So, having had a huge loss last week, if my body sticks to its pattern it MAY hold steady this week, and I THINK I am ok with that.  I am mentally prepared for that.  I know it doesn’t mean the program isn’t working, it is just the pattern my body seems to do and since Leif pulls it out of that holding pattern really quickly (at least so far) in this moment I really feel ok with that…

But you all know me.

I am a woman, first and foremost, and my emotions can get crazy around this matter in my life and can turn on me in a moment…one minute I think I am prepared and can handle anything and next thing you know I am a weepy angry mess.

So with all this as my preface…this is what I am noticing this week.

As I did some makeshift Kettlebell swings at the gym last night(with dumbells), I looked in the mirror and saw that…

  • My face is getting thinner
  • My neck is getting thinner
  • My boobs now stick out farther than my belly
  • every so often my collarbone makes an appearance
  • my legs are looking thinner

And that is just the physical stuff.  I also noticed

  • I am gaining confidence in working out at the globo gym.  I no longer wander for a while trying to find a corner to hide in to work out. 
  • I feel more confident of this plan and its abilities to work in the long-term.  Hope continues to rise and if Leif continues to give me plans that work, soon I will be telling you all that you need to consult with him.
  • I LIKE ME.  I like what I see.  I saw a beautiful woman, getting stronger, getting thinner who is happy with herself and her efforts this week.   I saw a woman who does NOT give up. I did NOT see just another fat chick in that mirror.

As  I creep back down closer to the 300 lb mark I get excited again.  Soon, I will be back at my low of 290.  290 is where I got myself to in my first 6 months of my journey.  Once I get there, I REALLY will be excited about the changes.  That will be where new ground will be taken.  Oh how I can hardly wait to get to that point  and I would LOVE it if I get there before I went to NYC in June to see Coach.  He has never seen me under 290 and I would love to show him something he has never seen before!

Is that possible Leif?  I go June 8-12th…


2 thoughts on “Things To Remember On Weigh In Day

  1. Keep going Kim! Its great that you are starting to see the differences. That’s the incentive you sometimes need (and me too)!

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