Dynamic Duo

I wasn’t going to actually introduce my guy to you all until the second trimester when I really decided whether this was working, but part of me didn’t really think anything he did could be that drastically different from everything else or that my results would be unprecedented for my body either.

So here is a glimpse of The Leif Anderson Fitness and Nutrition Guys.

Leif Anderson is the shiny headed guy on the left.  He is the brains behind my plan and the enforcer of all the rules.  I ask him if I can do/have things and often it is NO!  He doesn’t look like a science guy does he?  Don’t be fooled by that smile, he is incredibly scientific and planned in everything he gives me and can explain exactly why he is doing what he is doing, if you REALLY want to know!  I have been pissed off at this man and his plans several times already mainly because I am not getting what I want in a given moment.  But mostly I am grateful because while he does not let me give in to momentary desires, he is helping me get what it is that I ultimately want for life.  Freedom from the constraints of 300+ pounds.

The young kid(this is not to say Leif is NOT young) is Tate Eliason.  I don’t know much about him except that he (and one other) is on staff with Leif Anderson Fitness and Nutrition and as soon as I started up with Leif, I began getting really encouraging messages from him through Facebook.  During times when I have really wanted to rebel against Leif’s plan and go my own way,  this young man has (likely unknowingly) stepped in and encouraged me to stay in it and to keep doing the plan.  He has seen what Leif can do with a body when the plan is followed and has told me he wishes we could fast forward a few weeks to see what will be.  I, having had little success cannot even begin to fathom what he is talking about.

So, this is Leif, whom I have trusted the next 20 weeks to(16 left), and I had no idea I was getting a bonus in having Tate along for the ride. So, check them out on their page and if you are still struggling as I have been, consider signing on.

Disclaimer: Tate is being written about because 1.) This is his photo I stole. 2.) He saw my blog and said it was awesome except he hadn’t been written about. Leif is the true master! (all kidding of course, could not have gotten through the last 4 weeks without the both of them in my corner!  They have been a dynamic duo!

Thanks fellas, let’s keep rocking out the next 16 and see what kind of beauty emerges from me as I learn more about myself and as weigh melts off!


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