Difficult, Not Impossible

You all might be wondering how the last few weeks have been going with the new guy.  I wasn’t going to write too much about him or his plans until after 10 weeks or so (aka the second trimester) since EVERYTHING I have done works for at least 8 weeks, but….things have been far different than ever before with this one.

I am moving through my 4th week and am already down 13ish pounds. Every week has been different.  I don’t count calories.  Mostly I count macronutrients (not unlike Daniel’s plan for me).  Everything gets weighed, measured, or counted in some form.   I get cheat meals (he calls them re-feeds) on Friday nights! This guy is very scientific in his approach and what we do the next week directly depends on how my body responds in the current week.

Currently, he has me in a test phase (which is actually quite difficult to push through, but I am doing well).  He is assessing my body to determine how quickly it basically stops burning energy and starts storing it.  Remember that starvation mode I have written about?  He is trying to determine how quickly my body reverts to that…at which point he will be able to very accurately feed my body what it needs, when it needs it, so that it NEVER goes back to that place again.

This, my friends, is the single most thing that has been happening, even over and above the weight loss, that has astounded me the most.  Someone who recognizes that out bodies do this AND knows how to recognize when it is happening and how to keep it from happening.  For this, I am grateful.  Even though it is hard.

Last week, when the test phase started (on Saturday), by Monday I was cracking.  Literally, I was half crying half laughing over the craziness of it and how I honestly did not think I could get through an entire week of this somewhat extreme plan.  On my way home from work that night, I was just praying(aka whining) about how I didn’t think I could do this and suddenly a verse came to mind.  “I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from.  My help comes from You , make of Heaven, Creator of all things.”

Yes, yes, that is where my help comes from…He created my body.  He will get me through this because His grace is sufficient.

and that is how I got through my most difficult week ever.

And…the test phase is being repeated this week.  A week when all I want is chocolate.  But I got this yo!  And on Friday, I will be in GR celebrating the life of Erin with a well deserved cheat meal!

So, that is a brief bit about how it is all going!

Difficult at times, but certainly not impossible!

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