Out Of The Mouths Of Experts

Over the last 4 years as I have been on this journey and begun to consult the “experts” in the field of fitness and nutrition, I am amazed at the thousands of approaches there are and how adamant each expert is that they are “right”.

From the experts that have weighed in over the years (formally as hired guns or informally giving their perspective):

“Metabolism is key and yours is not functioning right…do THIS and it will be fixed and you will lose weight.”

“Metabolic testing is not proven, it is all a matter of calories in, calories out.”

“You are just not working efficiently, we need to do 3 hours a day in 2 sessions a day”

“You need to do Heart Rate Training, because if your heart rate isn’t high enough you won’t burn fat.”

“You are eating too little”

“You are eating too much”

“Your body is confused and taking these supplements will correct that.”

“go have surgery, there is nothing left to do…I can’t change your genetics.”

“Increase your carbs.”

“No, no no…carbs are the enemy.”

“Nope, not all carbs, only grains and sugars are the enemy, eliminate them and you will drop weight like crazy.”

“Your running is the problem.”

“No , no it is your focus, you are simply not focused.”

“go hard and fast, intensity is all that matters.”

“cycle your calories, don’t eat the same amount every day, keep your body guessing”

“you are doing too much cardio, you need to do more strength and conditioning.”

“cardio is key, but you have to add resistance to it.”

“shakeology and Beachbody, that is the only thing that is legit”

“crossfit is the answer”

“crossfit is the problem.”

“It is not your body, your nutrition or your workouts…it is your emotions/psyche.”

“try hcg”

“you are doing too much strength stuff and need to increase your cardio”

“not enough of (pick your macronutrient)”

“How is your digestive track?  you need more fiber”

“take fish oil, the fermented kind…and alot of it.”

“oh you need vitamin D”

and the list goes on…

It is no wonder that I feel confused, overwhelmed, disheartened, and like a complete and utter failure.  Who can possibly do all of these things?  Since none of it has worked for me for more than a couple of months at a time before reversing on me, are all these “experts wrong”?  I don’t think so, just wrong for MY body.

and yet…

The resounding noise in my head and heart is…this shouldn’t be so complicated.  I am convinced the answer for MY body is out there and when I find it, it will be simple.  Not necessarily easy, but simple.

So despite the scale reading that I gained 10lbs last week in a 2 week period….I press on in search of the answer for my body. (Please before you comment on this gain, please read my previous post)


2 thoughts on “Out Of The Mouths Of Experts

  1. Commenting from phone so bear with me. I don’t know what the answer is & it sucks what you are going through to get there. I can do nothing but pray for you, friend.

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