Just Because You Have A PhD…

A few weeks back I finally got an appointment scheduled with an endocrinologist.  During a routine Dr. appointment my thyroid levels had come back slightly abnormal but then on further testing they were fine.  My Dr. and I though were still puzzled as to what might be going on in my body that may be hindering/slowing down/affecting in some way my ability to lose weight.

In her words, “Kim, I just don’t know.  You push your body harder than anybody I have ever seen trying to lose weight, you have been more consistent than any of my other patients and yet, you don’t get the numerical results.”

So we agreed that I would seen an endocrinologist and we would use the abnormal thyroid screen as my way in.  (Stupid insurance these days requires a diagnosis for the referral to be legit!)

I got in extremely fast.  They just happened to have a cancellation and I was able to take the appointment.  This amazing PhD asked me all sorts of questions.  He was puzzled why my Dr. even referred me to him since the abnormality was so incredibly low.  I explained the REAL reason I was there and he sat back and asked more questions. Family history and stretch marks and eating habits and workout schedules.  I got through the current plan before he cut me off, and didn’t really get to go over a history of the last 3 years of various things I have done.

At the end of our conversation he said this:

Kim, I am going to do some lab work but I doubt it is going to show anything.  What it comes down to is this.  YOu are simply eating more than you are burning.  It is simple math.

Ok I know that theory.  But what about when I was burning 2500 calories a day and only eating 1200?  How do you explain that?

Kim, if it is not calories in/calories out it is genetics and I can’t change your family.  You should have surgery to lose the weight or a really low-calorie meal replacement program.  I am sure your Dr. can refer you to one.

I left there HOT!  I was hoping that this PhD would be one who wanted to find the source of the problem and not just treat symptoms.  Surgery is dangerous and everyone I know who has had weight loss surgery has had more complications than anything else AND have regained most of their weight back.  The problem is not going to go away simply by having surgery.

I am also not a fan of extremely low-calorie meal replacement diets.  I am sure I could do it and lose the weight but how does that teach me to live beyond weight loss?  How does that teach me to eat and exercise normally?  How does that insure that as soon as I begin to eat real food again that I won’t regain the weight?  These plans don’t make sense to me.

Yes I want to lose weight.  Yes I want to wear normal clothes and do normal active things without fear that I can’t do things because of my size/weight.  However,  I don’t merely want to be skinny.  I want to be healthy and I do not see how surgery or shakes are going to get me there.

What did I learn through this?  Just because you have a PhD and all sorts of certificates on your wall doesn’t mean you all that smart.  I know my body.  I know me.

I will keep looking for answers.  I know that our bodies are not “One size fits all”.  By this I mean that what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.  So, on I go along my little journey…doing what makes sense to me at the time.  For now, that means sticking with Daniel, continuing to Crossfit, and working on his nutrition plan for me….details to come on that soon…


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