Nothing To Prove

It has been a while since I have received and shared some amazing insight and wisdom from Aaron!

This last weekend, I went to GR for the first time since October!  Unfortunately, I came down with a cold on Friday that just got worse and worse over the weekend.

My plan was to visit Crossfit 616 on Saturday morning and bring as many GR friends with me as possible!  I love Crossfit, afterall, and how awesome would it be if my GR friends loved it too!

One friend, Leanna, committed to going.  By Friday night however, there was a part of me that was wishing that I hadn’t invited people…because if I hadn’t I might have backed out, simply because of this nasty cold.

Saturday morning, I am up and eating breakfast with Aaron and he tells me he has something he needs to talk to me about.


I set my bowl down and prepared myself to be open to whatever he had to say.  I had no idea what I had done to warrant this serious sounding tone, but I instinctively knew, that my first reaction was defensive and I hadn’t even heard what he had to say yet!

So I set my defenses down, looked him in the eye, and prepared to listen and HEAR this man who has spoken much wisdom and truth to me over the years.

His words were something along these lines (not a direct quote because i didn’t write it down immediately)

Kim, I just want to let you know, that as you go to this new Crossfit gym this morning, you have nothing to prove.  You don’t have to prove how strong you are or show off all the things you know your body can do.  What you NEED to do is remember you have an injured shoulder and while it doesn’t hurt in this moment, Daniel has given you clear instruction on how to take care of it so it doesn’t become something worse.  You are also sick right now.  It is ok, to take it easy today.  You are strong and capable, but today, you don’t need to prove it.

What I heard was…don’t let your arrogance get the better of you…take care of yourself.

Good word and WISE truth spoken ever so timely…

I WAS tempted to do things I KNEW I shouldn’t do…like Burpees.  Just to show I could, despite my size.  Or to do their modification of a toes to bar (hanging from a squat rack and bringing your toes up to the bar) which was hanging and bringing your toes up to wherever you could instead of doing my modification which is doing them laying on the floor.

As I looked at the workout laid before me, I knew I had to let Brian know about my injury before we got started so he would know how I was modifying things.  I heard Aaron in my head and went over to talk to Brian.

The reality is, if I walk into a Crossfit gym and let them know I have been Crossfitting since June, they are going to assume I can do a lot of things.  What they don’t know is my limitations or at what level things are scaled for me.  It is up to ME to know what I can and cannot do.  It is up to me to take care of my shoulder and to set the limits for what I will and won’t do with it.

Even within Crossfit, this is still my Journey and therefore my Responsibility.  Injury happens because of arrogance and poor form.  Pushing to do something your body is not ready for or pushing to do it faster than correct form will allow can only end in disaster.  Injury can also happen because I fail to communicate my needs to the Coach/Trainer.  If they don’t know, they can’t modify to accommodate the injury!

I don’t know exactly what I did to my shoulder.  Daniel thinks it is stress built up over time.  My Dr. says it is not a torn rotator cuff (Thank God) and that Daniel’s recommendations have been right on so far.  Ice and rest…so I should keep listening to him(her words).  So he has been helping me to strengthen it, and it is getting better.  I just need to not let arrogance get in my way.  I don’t have anything to prove, afterall.

** Sidenote:  If you are ever in GR and want to Crossfit, check out Crossfit 616.  They are awesome…and no I am not paid in anyway to say such things!


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