Hopeful Expectation

I feel like this summer has been a whirlwind and now it is the end of October and I still have not blogged about my summer and the amazing things I learned.   I have missed my blog.  I have missed the centering it gives me.  To you all it is just another weight loss blog, but for me it is my journal.  My archives. My place to vent and to process.  This blog is a critical tool in my journey.  So let the blogging commence again.

For the last couple of years I have been saying I wanted to go “up north” for a trip.  This summer, I was not going to let the time go by without leaving the “mitten” and venturing into the Upper Peninsula and exploring its beauty; even if it means going alone.

So off I went in the middle of August and my only regret is that it took 35 years to go somewhere that is a mere 6 hours away.

As I drove north and left the familiar roads of Metropolitan Detroit, I found myself sitting in a state of…expectation?  anticipation? Wonder?  I don’t know the exact feeling, it was a mix of several things, but it was good.  As I drove over hills and around bends in the highway, I would sit up a little higher in my seat and push  my head out over the steering wheel wondering what my eyes would behold when the road straightened out again.  I was waiting for a beautiful surprise and no matter how many times I came around a curve and saw more of the same kind of roads and landscape that I had just come from, the anticipation never waned, never dulled, never got old, and I was never disappointed, because even if it looked the same, I KNEW without a doubt, I had never been HERE before.

Every once in a while I would come around some bend and see a beautiful valley or something.  Then there was a point where the types of trees changed a bit and that was exciting to see.  Slowly but surely, the maple trees gave way to more pine trees and suddenly the landscape WAS different.  Soon I went over the bridge that connected the mitten to the UP and I was no longer on an expressway but a two lane highway that ran along the coast and on my left was Lake Huron and on my right was pine trees and jerky stands and pastie stands.  I was in a foreign place and my anticipation grew.

I was heading to the Pictured Rocks and couldn’t wait to get there.  Every building and rock I passed was beautiful in its normalcy.

I arrived at the Rocks and was not disappointed.  I spent time hiking and in a boat and just sitting on the shore of Lake Superior, just me and my thoughts, and this is what I realized about this sense of expectation and anticipation and…hope.

This is what God wants from me.  He has me on this journey.  This is His story played out in my life and so often I sit in frustration because I am not at a given destination yet; and I miss the beauty of the moment.  I miss the details of the landscape of the place I am in.  He wants me to live my life with Him, with a sense of expectation and anticipation and hope that around the next bend is going to be something beautiful…and when it is more of the same, to rest in knowing that while things look the same…I have never been HERE before.  Which means that I am moving.  I am pressing forward in life.  I am not stagnant.  Something beautiful is coming.  Something beautiful is happening. He wants me to watch with hopeful expectation of what He is doing and to watch the Beauty unfold.

Looking for the Beauty in the Landscape that is the UP


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