Coach Is Gone!

ok.  Finally.  A post.  The logical side of my brain says that I should write in the order that things happened but what I really want to write about first is Coach’s leaving.

I am in GR right now for Artprize.  Yesterday, I was heading downtown and thought to myself  “Hey you are passing by Coach’s house!  You should see if he wants to go downtown with you!”

Without thinking, I stopped my car, got out and walked up on his porch before I remembered…

Coach doesn’t live here anymore!!

I turned around and went back to my car and called him to tell him I miss him…ALOT, as the disappointment of coming to GR and not being able to see him was incredibly fresh.

So where did Coach go??

New york City will get the joy of the presence of Coach, for at least the next 5 years.

Let me see if I can accurately summarize what has happened and why he left the beloved GR.

For the last couple of years Coach has had vision for a specific thing to research that involves play and technology.  I cannot even BEGIN to explain what that will look like or what that means so I will leave it alone and if you want to know more, you can read his blog here!  It is super techy and smart like and I often wonder how his brain thinks of this stuff. It is fascinating to say the least!

Anyway, he valiantly tried to get into MIT to be able to do research with them in this area.  Technically he got in, but not with funding.  He began searching other ways to fund his research and one person led him to another person who ultimately landed him with this lady from NYU-Poly Tech who wanted him to do his research with her.  Apparently no one is researching the area he wants to look at.

Doing his research with her meant that he would have to move to NYC, study at NYU, and eventually get a Ph.d.  Yep, soon I will be calling Coach “Doctor Coach”!

So, a little over a month ago Coach packed his life up, sold many of his belongings, and headed off to NYU.

Despite, my extreme disappointment of yesterday as the reality of his leaving hit me full on, I am happy for him.  This is so fantastic for him.  He is no longer using his incredible intelligence and skills to do mind numbing work he hates.  He gets to work on things he is passionate about and on research he believes will change the world…and I get to watch it all unfold.  And…one day when he is world famous and HAS changed the world, you will be able to say, “I heard about this guy on this girls blog once…”

Now you might be wondering how I could possibly forget such a thing as Coach moving.  Well, keep in mind.  He lived in GR, I live in Detroit.  95% of our interaction is by phone/text/google chat.  Every time I came to GR I didn’t necessarily see him.  So this was the first time since the move(besides Aaron’s wedding, that he came for and was in) that I came to GR and really wanted to see him…and couldn’t.

Coach is gone and I am finding myself grateful that 95% of our interaction is the way it is.  I don’t think I would like living in GR and daily having that reminder that he is gone.  At least for me, the impact isn’t so  great…or at least I get to live in denial about it a bit…until the next time I am in GR and ACTUALLY want to meet him for breakfast or something and can’t.



2 thoughts on “Coach Is Gone!

  1. I just put up a new post on my site about transforming passwords into digital pets and suddenly I was reminded about what you said here. And that I never did comment on this post.

    What a surreal thing. A couple years ago I *never* would have predicted I’d end up in New York — furthest thought from my mind. I just laughed when you told me you ended up on my ex-porch. I’ve done that. I once drove to the wrong house in Grand Rapids because it’s where a friend lived for a good long time. I was on auto pilot.

    I don’t have a porch any more. But the world will make a lot better sense when you come to visit in New York 🙂

    Oh yeah. Here’s this:

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