Lady Hawks

Long time readers know of, Coach.  You know Coach.  You know, one of the men in my life who has been a rock in keeping me going. He is always encouraging me to keep going, to not give up, to go big or go home.

Well, Coach is like this in all of his relationships.  Recently he sent me a link to a blog to read.  It is part written by him and part written by a REAL Coach friend of his.

Coach has a friend who is a Cheer Coach.  I met this woman last night at a party I was at. Charity is her name.  From what Coach has told me and what I gleaned from my brief conversation with her, Cheer coaching is far less about teaching girls to tumble and shout and jump up and down all while rhyming, than it is about taking an activity that these girls like to do and and stepping into their lives.  It is about life change for these girls and for Charity.  Teaching them things like discipline and teamwork, perseverance and dedication.

Charity coaches at a school in GR, where the girls come from stressed financial situations.  Being part of cheer is a big deal and to be able to do things like go to cheer camp comes from hard work or Charity taking out loans to pay for it.

Well, Charity wanted her girls to go to camp this year and as a team they were able to raise about 50% of the cost so far.  Fortunately, the cheer camp extended the deadline and allowed the girls to come to camp and pay the rest back, by the end of August.

So off the girls went…and they won an award!

I know, cheer camp.  What does that have to do with my journey to beautiful?  Not much.  Not directly.  But it is someone else’s story of beauty.  A woman working hard to teach these young women some of the most important life lessons she can while she has their attention and the ability to speak into their lives. THAT my friends is beautiful.

So take a moment, would you, and go read about Charity and her team and the value that she provides to these girls and if you are so inclined, consider a small donation to help them reach their goal.


One thought on “Lady Hawks

  1. Kim your words of kindness for my team and myself are very much appreciated. So, with tears in my eyes, I thank you for your words and the time that you took to share our story.-Charity

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