I’m Melting….I’m Melting!!!

This week I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn for a while, for sure not since starting with Daniel.  Last time I wore them, they were really tight in the thigh and I had to tug them up and over.  They were also tight in the waist and really should not have been worn.  Mind you I bought these jeans in 2010 and they fit then…but as of this spring, they no longer did.

So anyway, I put them on again this week…

Check out my butt!!!

I got me some saggy bottom jeans!  and those thighs that I couldn’t get them up over without tugging them up like putting on nylons??  Loose.  Loose I tell you!  Back to fitting….sort of…Now they are borderline fitting in the opposite direction.  That shirt I am wearing?  That is just ugly logo wear for work.   However that particular one when I got it was slightly small and would only wear it if I wore under armor with it to hold me all in.  Not any more.  Now it is loose without help!

How is this possible?

Well, it helps when you take 10 inches of fat off your body.  Yes ten inches.  I just had my measurements done today and I lost 4 in my waist, 3.5 in my hips, 1/2 an inch in each arm and 1 inch in one leg and 1.5 inches in the other.

I couldn’t be happier!

So how did I celebrate?  I just happened to be picking up my new contacts today.  So I bought myself a pair of diva sunglasses!

Diva glasses!


9 thoughts on “I’m Melting….I’m Melting!!!

  1. And now that you got it going honey, you are not going to stop, you won’t want to stop. It will get easier too. That’s the beauty of it! I am so friggin’ happy for you.

    You are now believing….

    • Heather!! I want to talk to you!!! I am gonna email you my phone number! I cannot believe I dont have yours and you are not on FB anymore! I miss you!

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