Conversations In The Gym Episode 2

Today we were working on special skills.  This is a part of the session that is focused on practicing a particular thing.

This morning it was practicing wall walks and handstand push-ups.

Now I remember, waaayyy back when I first started with G.I Jess I had  it in my head that I wanted to try this craziness.  We tried so hard and every time I about fell on my face.

I was assigned a modified version of this, but while resting I was watching this one guy attempt a push-up while upside down.

Everyone was encouraging him!  In his final attempt, his head was on the floor, his feet were in the air, his arms were in position…all he had to do was push himself up and he would have completed the task at hand.  It was amazing to watch as his face filled with blood and turned bright red!

He groaned and grunted as everyone cheered for him…and finally he spoke words…

“I’m too F^&*ING FAT!!”

And he fell to the floor.

We all laughed and moved on to the rest of the workout.

The lesson of the day:  FATand strength is relative depending on what you are trying to do.  (This guy was NOT fat in my perspective!)


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