The Crossfit Way

Tonight I went to an evening session of Crossfit. I got there about 30 minutes early and was watching the 5:30 session go to work on what can only be described as a hellish workout.  CJ was in a form I had never seen him in.  He had about 10 women he was coaching and he was yelling like crazy!

Things I heard…

“Let’s GO!  Pick up the bar!”

“DO NOT walk away!”

This is a 20 minute workout, why  are you making it a 30 minute workout?!”

He was in these girls faces as they struggled through the workout.  He would not let them quit, give up or pause too long.

On some faces I saw a desire to smack him.  I also saw a determination to not quit.  I also saw a clear fight to NOT walk away and quit.  There was a battle going on for sure with some of these women.  It was not a cakewalk of a workout!

I was terrified for my time, because I knew I was next!

Towards the end a couple of women were really struggling.  SOme were finished and were catching their breath. Then I saw one girl come over to another and ask her how much she has left to do.  She told her what was left and began doing it with her.  Burpee for burpee.  Lift for lift.  Pull up for pull up.

This 2nd girl didn’t have to do this.  SHe was done.  But it seems this is the way of the Crossfitters.  No one’s really done until they are all done.  As I watched, there were others cheering the last of the girls on.  Men who were getting ready for the next session began cheering and encouraging the women to finish what they started.

CJ picked up a bar and began going lift for lift with a girl.

It was amazing to see the level of committment these Crossfitters have to finish what they start and to help others finish too.  It was reminiscent of Ben…when he runs with me.  Or Aaron and Erin and Leann who got me through Nashville…or Coach the very first time I ran 3 miles in a tri…or any of my other beloveds in GR.

I like this place.  I think I will stick around.

Oh and as for my workout.  It was hella hard.  CJ was yelling constantly…but I did it.  Me and two ridiculously fit men.


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