Small Beginnings

A few weeks back I was hanging with Jen in GR or perhaps we were here in the D, either way, I know I was with her.  We were recollecting a few years back when we first started doing relay triathlons and couldn’t even FATHOM doing a whole one ourselves, let alone running half marathons or anything else we both do nowadays, despite our weight.

She brought to mind a scripture that I had never heard before.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zechariah 4:10

This scripture has been ringing in my head these past weeks as I have begun to learn how to do Crossfit.  Everything gets scaled for me in either number of reps or in the actual movement or in weight.  If I compare myself to others in the class, I SUCK.  Most exercises I cannot do without it being scaled.  But when I put my efforts in context with where I am at and in context of this scripture…I can rest and know that God is rejoicing.  I am doing well.  I am working hard and making improvement.  Condemning myself because I am not walking into this space and immediately able to do wall walks or full burpees or any other crazy thing CJ asks of me would be to mock God in a way.  And I know that God will not be mocked!

This weekend I was able to catch about a half hour of the new version of Alice in Wonderland!  I love this movie by the way!

I was catching the part where Alice is talking to The Mad Hatter ( I think) and she was saying how some days she thinks 6 impossible things before breakfast!

This is how I feel about Crossfit!  Everyday I go there and I see what is on the agenda (usually at least 6 exercises/movements) and I think I can’t do this.  It is impossible!

Well, so far, I have been able to do what I have thought was impossible for me to do every time I go there.  So in this, I am ahead of Alice.  4 days a week, I actually DO at least 6 impossible things before breakfast.

This will be a good thought to keep in mind as CJ or Eric push me to my limits and beyond.

I am living an impossible life and making it all possible.

What will you do or think of today that is impossible?  Would you consider stretching yourself and living in the impossible? 

Will you mock your starting point as insignificant or will you rejoice in your beginning place?


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