Thursday I was ravenous all day.  Food came into my body and within an hour I was starving like I hadn’t eaten all day.  I had plenty of trail mix at work with me but didn’t want to overdo it on nuts.  That night I was talking to Daniel about it and after going back and forth with many questions and answers about what I have been eating, fat intake, approximate calorie intake etc, he determined that it was a random day where my body is likely going through insulin spike withdrawals and to just gut through it and tomorrow should be better.  It was.

After I had gone to sleep though, he sent me one last message that said we needed to get new weight and measurements right away.  So I, got all excited.  I told him I was going to go weigh right NOW!!  Of course since it was 5 AM he probably got my declaration of weighing in and my numbers all at the same time!  I weighed in and saw that in the last month I lost 2.2 lbs.


I noticed that it was curious that I was not upset by such a low scale weight drop after a month of a complete diet and workout change.

I noticed that the number did not hold as much weight in my head and heart.  I know what I have been wearing and at what weight I last wore those clothes. I see, for myself, the drastic changes in my body that has been confirmed by others who see it to.  I am seeing changes that make that number not matter as much.

Historically, it would be a number like this and people would try to be encouraging and tell me it was due to muscle gain or whatever, but if that had been true I would have seen these other changes that would contradict the scale.

I sent Daniel a message with the number and told him I was very curious to see the measurements because I am certain that is where the truth of what has been happening in my body would lie.

Ironically, he is very curious to see them too.  He is questioning what kind of scale I use and said there is NO WAY I lost this little in a month’s time. He said that even WITH all the muscle gain that scale number should be more.  I find it hilarious that after two years of fretting and worrying about that blasted scale number, I am finally ok with what it says and my trainer is not!

He is off getting a certification for Crossfit this weekend, so I am certain we will meet up next week sometime to get the rest of the numbers.

I think I like this way of doing things.  A surprise weigh in of sorts.  No time for me to get anxious about it.  I just wake up to a message that says get on the scale!


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