Conversations In The Gym Episode 1

I think that some of the things that are said in the Crossfit Gym are either really funny or challenging or just make me wanna say hmmm….so I think this blog title might become a series…we shall see.  Don’t hold me to it though.

Friday was my first official day with Crossfit where I can go as much as I want.  I am done with the on-ramping process and no longer need to see CJ one on one.  This is great because it provides me with greater flexibility to go whenever I want as opposed to when it works for both of our schedules.

So Friday’s workout was a killer. He decided that was the day to try to perfect my squat which is apparently more of a bending over than a sit down.  Who knew.  No one ever told me that before.

But the other killer thing he had us doing were called “Wall Walks”.  This is a doozy of a maneuver.  You start lying on the ground on your stomach with your feet touching a wall.  The idea is you get into the up position of a push-up then walk your hands backwards as your feet walk backwards and up the wall.  You continue to walk backwards until you are in a full on handstand with our belly touching the wall.  YOu are not done yet because then you have to walk back down.  You cannot just fall over.  Then repeat.  10 times.

No joke.

CJ demonstrated like it was no problem at all!

I watched in awe and fear.  There is no way I can do this and told him so.

He agreed but hadn’t come up with the scaled edition for me yet.

I started on my squats and watched as he placed a box the size of a rubber made tote at a point on the wall.  When it was time to do the wall walks, he told me my job was to put my feet on the box and hold a push up position for 15 seconds.  Twice.

Let’s just say this was hella hard.  I am not sure I made a full 15 seconds.  I was trying to count slow and even, but I am certain that my counting sped up near the end!

Now to the conversation piece.

As the rest of the group started doing their wall walks and I was still doing my modified burpees, CJ started yelling at them.  I thought they were doing an amazing job, but apparently not.

CJ:  Let’s go guys!!  Get this right!  You need to set a good example for Kim!  No slacking!

Seth:  I don’t think we need to worry about Kim!  She has been here like EVERYDAY!!  She is already a glutton for punishment!

I haven’t been there everyday…but I like the impression I am leaving behind when I am there.

Hardcore.  Badass.


For your viewing pleasure, check out a video of wall walking.  The other things demonstrated are box jumps and toe to bars.


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