The New Men In My Life

CJ, the torturer and Daniel, the AA sponsor for all things nutrition and exercise!

I thought since I had CJ and Daniel at the gym at the same time yesterday, for the first time, I would take a picture to officially introduce these two men to you.   CJ is on the left and is the owner of Crossfit Lowertown, where I now train.  Yes the background is the place I now train at.  More on that in a minute.  Daniel is on the right without his shirt.  He was in the middle of his workout when we took this picture.  Mind you, Daniel has been recovering from a shoulder injury and hasn’t done a ton of working out in the last 3 months, and he STILL looks like that!

CJ is my prime Crossfit torturer.  Even if he is not there and I am working with Eric(photo and intro to come later), he is the one who puts together the WOD’s (workout of the day) and therefore will always be the one to blame for any aches and pains I feel.  I am sure he doesn’t mind taking on this blame though.  Last week, at the end of a workout he asked if I felt good.  Well, good is relative in these situations because you are completely spent, but you feel great about what you accomplished.  Good will come.  So I said yes.  He gave me an evil grin and said “You won’t!”  then sent me off for two more run laps.   During that same workout, I wanted to curse him, instead I just smiled as I walked past him and told him I loved him.  Love was not the feeling I had as he just grinned.

If you recall, Daniel is the one I call my AA sponsor to all things nutrition and exercise.  He is working with my nutrition and taking me to a Paleo diet, one step at a time.  He is checking in with me all the time about my workouts and these things he wants me doing called Affirmations (basically erasing the negative tapes in my head and replacing them with positive thoughts).

That background is the gym I workout in now.  There is nothing froo froo about this place.  Not even a water fountain.  That tire they are posing on?  I was flipping that about 10 minutes before.  It is a pretty bare bones place.  I was pretty intimidated the first time I walked in.  Scared out of my mind is probably more accurate.  Then I realized, CJ and Eric are actually pretty nice and totally believe I can do any crazy thing they ask of me.  I also realized that the people who come there are pretty nice too…and normal.  That is until yesterday.  Yesterday I was back to intimidated.  As I was waiting to get started, about 6 men walked in from a field workout without their shirts on.  Being a girl, I noticed.  However, I was really hoping they would leave before CJ was ready for me.  I am NOWHERE near where they are in fitness.  They were pretty much perfect.

CJ and Daniel keep telling me I will get there.  My goals will be reached.  25 days in, I have no reason to doubt them other than 2 years of hard work that pretty much yielded nothing but gains despite multiple trainers.  This first 25 days though is countering the 2 years of history in major ways.  I don’t usually SEE what the scale reveals to me.  This time I am seeing changes and I don’t even know yet what the scale or measuring tape says.  My clothes are getting looser and my bathing suit has the ruching it was always supposed to have, but didn’t.  They told me yesterday, that if I follow the plan, I could be to 150 lbs by end of next summer.

That bit of hope, I am working hard to put out of my brain.  Right now, that is too much to hope for.  I told them they cannot speak of a year from now to me in terms of weight loss.  For now, I need to simply get good at Crossfit and continue to refine my nutrition as Daniel and CJ guide me.  While I am enjoying the fruits of my labor (taking great delight in it all actually), I am frustrated to no end that my form is not correct in so many things and they have to constantly scale my workouts for my level.  The bane of being a competitor!


2 thoughts on “The New Men In My Life

  1. CJ told me you are doing great Kim!! Sorry I didn’t introduce myself Saturday…I’m sometimes out of sorts after CJ’s crazy 90 degree feild wods…Looking forward to crushing wods with you!! See you soon.~Dana 🙂

    • Hey Dana! Thanks for stopping by! I am assuming CJ showed this site to you…no worries about Saturday. I was quite intimidated by what I saw walking through those doors and wasn’t saying much even though I am typically one to introduce myself. Unfortunately, for now, I have my little comfort zone of Eric and CJ. If I see you there and don’t say much…please dont be offended, I am probably just incredibly intimidated in that moment. Cuz…I am really a talker!!

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