11 Days And Counting

I am officially 11 days into being grain/sugar-free and with the exception of one day where I had 5 corn chips I have been totally successful!  The 5 corn chips were a mistake.  While chips are not the best option ever, I also didn’t realize corn was a grain.  Oh well, it was 5 chips.  I counted.  🙂

As far as diet goes, this is what I am noticing.

  • I have tons more energy.  I didn’t think I lacked energy before, but in hindsight, I see a huge difference.  I used to come home from work and veg out if I wasn’t working out in the evening and when I was working out it took ALOT of self talk to get me to the gym.  I wake up with my alarm without nearly as much trouble and in the evenings I am like an energizer bunny just getting stuff done.
  • I am not having any crazy cravings.  Every once in a while something sounds like it might be good, but then I simply eat some vegetables and I am golden!
  • I am surprisingly LOVING not counting calories and actually finding new freedoms in it.  I was so afraid to not count calories because it is what I have  always known and being an emotional eater, how in the world was I ever going to manage my eating so it doesn’t get out of control.   Well, I am discovering it takes ALOT of vegetables to overeat.  I am loving exploring fun new recipes.
  • I can tell my pants are getting looser already even though I have not been back on the scale.
  • I am discovering many more of my friends eat this way, so I am not feeling alone in this eating lifestyle.   I seem to get encouragement daily form some source or other.  It has been awesome!

Now for the workouts.  I began Crossfit this week.  Let’s just say it is more than a LITTLE intense.   Here is what I am loving about this so far.

  • I love the competitive style of it.   Every workout you are trying to do better than you did last time as well as to beat the guy/gal next to you…or at least sweat just as much and work just as hard.
  • I complain the next day about how much I hurt but secretly I love it.  THe deep ache of my muscles screams I am alive in so many ways.
  • I get to lift really heavy things and therefore feel all sorts of “hardcore” or, I gotta say it here…BADASS!  Seriously, who doesn’t want to feel strong and powerful and like you can do anything??
  • The coaches/trainers are SO encouraging.  They want to see me excel as much as I do.
  • I love that after my first workout with Eric, Daniel talked to him and found out that Eric had underestimated me.   Yeah, that happens a lot.
  • I love that after my second workout, this time with CJ, I was SO DONE that I felt sick.
  • I love that once I am done with the initial 1:1 phase where I learn how to do Crossfit style workouts and they teach me how to do correct form so I don’t get hurt, my workouts will be group workouts.  Again, like with the nutrition piece, I am not alone.

I am loving this new phase of my journey.  I am loving that I am being given resources to the knowledge that will help me and that Daniel is so willing to answer my questions when I have them.  I am loving that I am back on track and excited and filled with hope again that one day I will be at a healthy weight.  I no longer care, “by when”.  I truly want to live a healthy lifestyle…and I am on my way.


ok, so this is what I did on Tues for my workout.

  • I had to high knee through a rope ladder on the floor (8x)
  • go thru the ladder laterally(sideways) (4x)
  • go thru kinda diagonally (4x)
  • them most awful of all, I had to HOP thru (4x)  Those of you on this journey know about the awful Fat Slap and why I hate to hop….but yes my friends I HOPPED through that blasted thing 4 times.

That was the warmup.  Then we stretched.  Then the Workout began.

This was a timed exercise.

  • 20 kettle bell swings
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 lunges

I had to do this 3 times through, so 60 of each.   I completed it in 6 min 30 seconds

On Thursday, CJ led my workout.

He warmed me up on the rower then showed me some stretched focusing on my hips and shoulders.  I learned a few minutes later why he focused on those areas

We began the Workout of the day (WOD)

This workout was one where I did 10 of each thing then 9 then 8 all the way to 1 of each.  He called it 10 to 1.

My first exercise was to do 10 deadlifts, with 95 lbs on the bar

My second was 10 push presses with 32 lbs on the bar.

I did those and went back and forth between the two until I was doing only one of each.  Again this was a timed workout.  My time was 9:30 and I felt sick when I was done.


Next time, I will have CJ take pictures…:-)

This weekend I have been assigned some at home Tabata exercises.  More on that later though.


3 thoughts on “11 Days And Counting

  1. Wow, this is awesome. Makes me think I should do something about my diet – I could use some more energy. And those workouts are killer! My legs ached just reading about it. 🙂 You can do it!

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