Making Some Changes

This week, I met Daniel and I began implementing the very first step of Plan #747 that I have attempted while on this journey.  If you have been reading along, you know this new step involves a pretty clean eating style called Paleo Diet and a pretty intense workout style called Crossfit. Google them both if you dare, but I warn you the information can be overwhelming.

The first step has been to remove all grains and sugars from my diet.  That is the only part of the Paleo diet that Daniel wants me to focus on.  When I get good at this, then he will add another step.

Today, as I wake up I am beginning Day 5 of being grain and sugar free, I am quite proud of myself as I have navigated some good social situations with some DELICIOUS food being served.

The first 2 days were rather tough, since I didn’t really have the groceries to do this well nor did I have a concrete plan.  I found myself picking chocolate out of trail mix so I could eat the nuts and eating at the grocery store salad bar, which got rather expensive quick.  I began to really notice that grains are everywhere.  I used to think I didn’t eat a lot of carbs until I was trying to avoid them.  Without a plan in place, it was like walking through a minefield.

sorting the good from the bad

got smart and bought my own salad makings, this became 2 meals

By the third day, I was able to get some shopping and prepping in the night before so I felt great about day 3.  I felt like I had gotten to the other side of the minefield.  Then came day 4.

Day 4 was a bridal shower for the famed Aaron, whom you have heard much about, and his fiancée Erin.  I went in knowing that like all good bridal showers, there would be a salad there and with the plan being to eat that, no matter how good the other stuff looked.

Well, here is what was served.  Pizza, pasta, gnocchi, cheese and crackers, bread with bruschetta, fruit and veggies and hummus, and a salad.  Oh and cake pops!!  Have you ever had them?  They are delicious…Avoiding these was my biggest temptation!

I filled my plate with everything but the pizza, pasta, bread or crackers.  And no cake pops for me. Quickly I discovered the salad had a very sweet tasting dressing on it.  Which I loved.  I know many dressings have sugar in them, but for now, if I can’t taste it, I am not worrying too much about it.  This one I could taste the sweetness.  So after one bite, I didn’t eat any more. I ate my veggies and hummus, my fruit, my scoop of bruschetta and my goat cheese spread.  And I was satisfied.

Unfortunately, such a light lunch does not last very long.  I was hungry and those cake pops were calling my name.  As I came back from the restroom, I noticed another little table with appetizers on it.  It had olives of varying kinds, some stuffed, some not, and MEAT.  I grabbed Jen’s arm.  I was ecstatic! “Look! Meat!”  She just laughed at me.  I took a couple chunks of the meat, and a few olives and was once again satisfied and pleased with myself.

A little while later, Aaron was talking to me and eating a cake pop.  I asked him if it was as delicious as it looked, as I salivated watching him eat it.  He said it was.  So I told him he had to eat another one, this time chocolate for me.  Dear friend that he is had no problem obliging.  I was satisfied.

I left feeling pretty darn pleased with myself and looking forward to dinner with more friends later in the day.

Oh, did I mention on Day 4, I was scheduled to give my first official weigh in numbers to Daniel.  So I started my day by weighing myself and discovered I was down 10 pounds since Memorial Day when I discovered my most atrocious new starting point.  I am not sure I actually lost 10 pounds.  I think a different scale plays a factor and the fact the memorial weekend I had been eating beef jerky so had a lot of salt in my system.  But, regardless of the where the difference in number came from, I am much better with this number than the previous and will chalk it all up to a loss for now.

I start Step 2 on Tues morning with my first workout with CJ from Crossfit. I am excited and nervous and scared out of my mind…but mostly I am excited.  This workout style sounds just a little bit bad ass….and I like to be bad ass.  Go watch the video…seriously.



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