The Scent Of Hope

Since my last blog post, I had lunch with a person I rarely see, and without knowing what was going on with me and my whole wagon chasing/trainer losing/angry/hurt/upset “thing” that was going on, she said to me…

“Kim you HAVE to meet Daniel…he can help you, I just know it!”

Now this person who is making this recommendation to me ALWAYS has an unsolicited recommendation for something that is THE thing that will help me reach my goals.  It usually involves some obscure root of something that I have never heard of….so needless to say I have always casually dismissed her recommendations as being kooky….and all of you fellow weight loss bloggers know how I might feel about unsolicited advice…

Now I am gonna be polite of course so I ask, “who is Daniel?”  But I am already on guard.

Well he is a trainer and he is so disciplined about diet and nutrition and exercise, you have to meet him.  She then proceeds to call her daughter and son-in-law who are the real friends of this guy Daniel and impress upon them the importance of me meeting him and of course they agree I should.

Long story short, we went to lunch and at lunch they kept pressing me to contact him…so WHILE AT LUNCH I sent a strange man a message that said  “I am told you can help me and that we should meet about my diet/nutrition/exercise/weight loss goals.  Interested?  BTW LF recommended you.”

And so begins our extensive communication over the next two weeks.   The more info he sent me the more overwhelmed I got.  He started mentioning something strange called the Paleo diet and Crossfit.  I didn’t know what either of these were so I asked The Google.   Caveman diet and insanely intense workout plan.

Nope.  No way.

No carbs?

No rice?

No Pasta?

Well, it is more than that.  Google it.  You will see.

Anyway, I met with him for the first time last night to see if we could be a good fit.

I went into the meeting full of anxiety.  I walked up to him and told him flat-out that I was afraid of him and his methods.  He asked why as he smiled at me.

Because everything you are telling me is different from everything I know and I don’t understand and honestly, I don’t think I can do what you are telling me to do.

He then sat me down and answered every question I had for the next nearly 3 hours.  He never looked at his watch.  He never looked around like he had somewhere else to be.  My questions were the only thing he wanted to talk about and when they were exhausted he shared more info with me.  Then I asked more questions and he shared more info.  I didn’t feel like I was being sold to.

Several times as we talked about different things I literally felt the tension leave my body and hope fill that space where it was.  It was an actual physical feeling and I was grateful to recognize it.  I hadn’t realized that I had actually grown quite hopeless about ever succeeding in this area.

I don’t know if these methods are the best or right or good.  I don’t even know if I can do these workouts or stick to a plan that doesn’t count calories.I have a ton more questions as I walk this all out.  Daniel is giving me the resources to learn for myself though and he is there to explain what I don’t understand.  I like this about him.

All I know is, right now I am getting a good solid whiff of hope again and I am chasing after the scent of it.

More to come on the outcome of our conversation later.  I actually wrote an email to Coach and Aaron today that I am simply gonna post….but not tonight.  Tonight, I gotta go to bed…


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