A Not So Average Kinda Guy

Clearly, not so average...

Meet Ben.

You have heard me speak of Ben before, particularly around Nashville race time and for CERTAIN in both  my Nashville race reports.  He has travelled to Nashville with me(among others), he has cheered me on in  my running, offered great advice throughout both major runs and continues to do so, he has shouted encouragement from the land of GR on my whole journey, he has run “progressively” when I have gone to GR and has spent much time encouraging me…he has been a friend.

The only sad part about this friendship is that we lost contact for about 10 years and missed out on 10 years of greatness.

Ben has a wife.  He has 2 children.  He is a great husband who takes his wife out on mid-day lunch dates.  He is a father who not only fathers, but is intentional is how he is a father.

He is not perfect.  I am sure he messes up, although I have yet to see it but based on the word of God that says there is only one who is blameless, I am betting that he has messed up at least once in his life.

Ben is a a creative sort.  He sings, he plays music, he writes, he acts, he loves all things creative.

Ben is a pastor.  Literally and by nature.  He cares for the hearts and souls of others and I believe he would regardless of whether it is his job or not.

Ben is a runner.  As if you didn’t already know that.  But he is.  He inspires and encourages me to run.  His son, wife and daughter all now run…and if watching his Facebook is proof, he has inspired others to run.  He has run about a zillion marathons (the average kinda guy doesn’t do that) which is hugely inspiring.

and now….Ben is a blogger, blogging about what he calls his average running and his quest to not be average in this anymore.  For all you who like to run, you should follow him and read.  For all you who just like good writing and want to be encouraged, you too should follow him and read on.

I personally think Ben is not so average a guy.  I think he is pretty amazing, but that is my opinion and it really doesn’t matter what I think.  What matters is that regardless of whether I define him as average or even he defines himself as average, the reality is, he wants to improve from where he is and become the best he can be…

and if you still don’t believe me that he is not average, check out this picture from Nashville 2010.

This is most definitely, NOT AVERAGE.

Ben, the pictures are your fault, if you would simply be average and smile when I point the camera at you, I would be able to show something that backs up your claim to average…but no, I get the creeper looks and the gangster wannabe looks…:-)

Now, quit spending time here for this moment, and go read Ben’s blog!


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