Lady Sharon

Since I cannot seem to organize my thoughts coherently around the Nashville run, and my mind keeps turning back to this lovely lady, I thought I would write her introduction.

First, I must say Sharon and Steve are kind of apackage deal, although I don’t mean to imply that they are together by any means.  The both have their own significant others whom they are dearly in love with…however I did meet them together and they do work out together and when I get to see them…well…it is all together….and all of this came through Demond.

Sharon, right along with Steve has been an incredible encouragement to me.   She is quite passionate about eating healthy and living healthy and yet she doesn’t pretend to understand what it is like to lose a massive amount of weight and all that it encompasses…but there are huge pieces of my story that she DOES understand and can relate to and can see how those parts have impacted me the way they have.

She DOES understand what it looks like to work hard for what she wants, to make sacrifices but more than that she is a great example to me of balance, which you know is my goal again this year.

She balances work, where she is a business owner, friendships, family, her spouse, healthy eating and healthy living…and she is happy and content.   She has incredible energy and life that just oozes from her. I seriously don’t know how she does even half of what she does in a given day.

Then, while handling ALL of this stuff, she decided to help me find some new foods to eat that are within the calorie budget Demond set for me, because she knew I was getting bored with my staple menu.  Love this woman!

and….check out this lady….


She isn't even flexing and check out that bicep!!

Who wouldn’t want to look like this at 51….(hope you don’t mind me blurting your age)

and the other pick too in the previous post about Steve….did you see those abs???

Yeah…I could stand to incorporate some of her life habits into my life….especially if it would cause me to look as hot as THAT in 15 years!

Thanks Sharon for always looking to encourage me…I hope I can re-gift this back to you (and Steve) sometime!


One thought on “Lady Sharon

  1. Dearest Kim, It is my extreme honor and privilege to call you friend! Wow, what a wonderful post, thank you for honoring me. You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad that I have been able to encourage you in some way. I am looking forward to many years of friendship, laughter, tears, dinners, working out and running with you! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey and life!

    Kisses, Hugs and Love,

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