You all have read about the amazing Coach and all the ways he has encouraged me, motivated me, and gently chided me over the years all in efforts to see me succeed.

Well, there is a new guy in town who is proving to be an East Side version of Coach.  His name is Steve and he looks NOTHING like Coach, except they are both incredibly tall.   However, sometimes, he says things, texts things, or does things that is soooo incredibly Coach-esque that I have had to double-check the source (text address etc) to make sure I am responding to the right person.  It is weird.

So here is a recent thing I have been wanting to blog about and since I don’t really want to get ready for work yet…now seems to be the perfect time.

I am a slow runner.  I know this. 17 minute miles is NOT gonna win any races, but it WILL get me to the finish line, which is ultimately all I care about.  Steve does NOT like when I call myself slow.  Some mumbo jumbo about what you tell yourself becomes the reality(I am teasing you Steve about the mumbo jumbo, I get it).

We have gone back and forth with him trying to get me to stop calling myself slow.

He would tell me why I am not slow and I would come back with proof that I am.  For me, it turned into somewhat of a joke as I tried to convince him that I was and am in fact SLOW!One night, I was meeting Steve and Sharon(she will be getting and introduction of her own soon)for dinner and I had just posted on his FB wall that anyone who takes 2.75 hours to run 8.5 miles CERTAINLY qualifies as slow, right.

His response was somewhat threatening and ominous as he simply told me he had words for me…at dinner.

I show up to dinner, somewhat nervous because, well I don’t know Steve that well and I have no idea what kind of words he has for me and since he is Coach-esque, this could be really funny or it could be a truth in love kinda talk(which with Coach I end up crying)

It was funny.

Steve showed up and handed me 4 pages of web definitions of a word that he believes describes me far more accurately than SLOW.  I got a good laugh out of this and a good head shake as I had to double-check WHO just gave me this….Steve or Coach.

The word you may ask?


some of its many definitions include:

  • proceeding or progressing by steps or degrees
  • Moving forward; advancing.
  • Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments

Steve and Sharon(introduction coming soon)

So progressive I am…oh and in Nashville this year….I was ULTRA progressive 🙂

Demond, thanks for introducing me to these wonderful folks, they have been a great encouragement to me.


2 thoughts on “Progressive

  1. I agree – not the speed but the fact you are moving which counts.

    I was ‘running’ up a hill the other day when I was so tired I had to stop… only then did I realise my ‘run’ was no more than me walking and bouncing… now THAT is slow!

  2. I love this Coach-esque guy you call Steve. He has become my running coach and I have come so far due to his patience, encouragement and really “just being there” all the time. I am glad that you have had the amazing opportunity to get to know him. Proud and happy to call you both friend!


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