So, as you can tell, I have been in a funk of the worst kind. It has truly been awful.  It has been like being in a deep dark pit just trying to crawl my way out.  The more I scrambled the worse it got so eventually I simply gave up.  I know.  I am crazy.  My highs are high and my lows are low.  Guess that is the bane of being a passionate person.

Anyway, today I am beginning to see light in my pit.  It helped to text chat with Coach a bit and to talk live with my friend Ben who is running Nashville with me.  A huge part of my pit has been stress over Nashville coming with not being able to run the last couple weeks.  Ben ran Nashville last year, knows the course, knows me, and can totally understand where I am at on this.  So it REALLY helped to just verbalize some of my fears and to really have them heard.

Then tonight, I was taught a huge lesson by my nephew who is almost 11 years old.  Gavin is amazing. He loves Jesus with all his heart.  He has a tender and compassionate heart for others.  He is an amazing big brother.  He honors his commitments without complaint and…He is a competitive dancer.

He began formal dance lessons 2 years ago and was quickly asked to join the competitive dance team.  This is his second season and his second weekend of competition.

A competition weekend is intense.  He is on location from early Friday evening until late at night.  Goes home and has to be back by 7:30 AM on Saturday.  All morning is spent in workshops where he learns all sorts of dance techniques and is judged on his ability to learn and on raw talent.  Then the competition actually begins and he has to wait all day until his time to dance on stage.  He is there until 11 PM and has to be back again on Sunday at 7:30 again until about 4 PM.

All of this is following weeks of intense lessons and rehearsals leading up to this big event.

It is intense.  These kids are so amazing though.  Gavin is coming down with a cold and was not feeling well today.  He didn’t dance his first dance of two until almost 8 PM at night.  I could tell he was struggling to keep it together as his cold (which I may have gave him!) was coming on.

This young man though, when it was time to take the stage summoned all of his energy, focus and commitment to his team and gave it his all. You would not know that he was not feeling well.  You would not know that 15 minutes before going on stage he was nearly melting down from exhaustion.  He went out and did his very best.

I was so proud.

He later went on stage again and did it again for his second dance routine.

Here is what he taught me. It doesn’t matter how you feel in the given moment. You have a committment to yourself and your team to keep and your committment is greater than the feeling in the moment.   When it is showtime you can either half ass it and let your team and yourself down or you can suck it up for 4 minutes and go all out.

And…regardless of if you win a prize or not…you will always have the knowledge that you did your very best.

poor baby so exhausted and posing for pictures with his instructor and his Grandma...the last thing he wanted to do was take bummed, I can't get my video uploaded!

Oh and another brave young man tonight….let me rip a tooth out of his mouth and he didn’t even cry!!!

Check out the self-titled "Toothless Garrett"




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