“Run For Their Lives”

Who knew that 2 years ago when I started running that I would ever be let on an official race team?

Who knew that as slow as I run, a race team would welcome me with open arms?

Who knew that my running could help change lives?

Really?  Is it all that?


And so much more…folks.  So much more.  Let me explain.

Three years ago I had an opportunity to volunteer with an organization called Barnabas International.  BI does several things but their focus is pastoral care to those in full-time ministry whether it is overseas missions work or right here at home in America.  One of their ministry areas is a retreat they put together called E.L.I.M.  This is a week-long retreat for ministry workers to come to where they can rest, recharge, and in so doing perhaps hear God’s voice and direction for their lives in fresh ways.  This retreat provides, meals and lodging as well as people ready and available to be with them in whatever capacity they might need, whether it is prayer support, a listening ear, counsel, or someone to play a game or take a walk with.

I got to be one of those volunteers 3 years ago, and while I went to serve, my life was changed. It was at this retreat that God spoke clearly to me about his intent to heal my heart from the sexual abuse I went through as a child. It was here that I would say that my commitment to this journey to Beautiful began.

Besides, what I gained, I met some amazing people who are doing amazing work in the world. I have met a woman who has a vision for providing hand pedaled bikes and trikes to people in 3rd world countries. I have met a woman who works on Bible translation work in Africa, another woman who works with children in another part of Africa, then there are my friends in France who are making such a difference in their neighborhood-one conversation at a time.  I met so many more that week who are making a difference for Christ in the world and who desperately needed a time of rest and refreshment so that they could go back out into the world.

The neat thing about this retreat is that the guests come free, as long  as there are scholarship funds available.   Think about your own pastor or missionary friends.  They don’t often have tons of extra money to spend on themselves for a week like this.  Couldn’t they use a time of refreshment?

This is where my running comes in.  I have joined the ELIM race team and am now running the Nashville Half Marathon with not only a finish time goal but a dollar goal to raise by the time I get there on April 30th.  This time it is not a matter of proving I can.  I know I can.  This time I am “Running For Their Lives”! I would love to be able to raise $1000.00 for this cause and to be able to sponsor at least 3 people to be able to attend a retreat this summer.

I don’t always feel like a “real” runner.  But despite my feelings, I am so very proud to be able to be accepted on to this race team and to be able to raise funds for an organization that by taking care of the ministers, they are having a worldwide impact of grand proportions.

Would you consider sponsoring my race? All proceeds go directly to the ELIM Retreat scholarship fund. Your
gift is tax deductible you will receive a receipt. And I promise to follow up with you after the race to let you
know how our team—and I-did!

If you would like to know more about ELIM and their schedule of retreats and locations check this link out.

If you would like to find out more about the race team and where we are all running at go here.

And, if you would like to help me reach my goal and donate, go to this page and when you have to choose a runner, choose me.  I am the only Kim running!


5 thoughts on ““Run For Their Lives”

    • Alice, I think of you often when I run and the people around the world that your life impacts. It is for people like YOU that I am running Nashville again this year…

  1. Wow. How awesome. I shared what you are doing with a missionary from Barnabas who is from my church and ministers at Elim yearly. It touched both our hearts. You go girl! Thanks for returning the inspiration.

    • Alice! THank you for sharing this. I read the comment on my phone just before I went running Saturday morning. It was incredibly motivating to remember that ths year, I am not running just for me.

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