Dear Nike

Dear Nike,

Today, I was out shopping and I entered a not so unknown major US retail location and found your brand all over the place.  Super cute tops and sports bras and pants all designed for the purpose of looking cute while sweating and yet dealing with the sweat in a most excellent manner (wicking it from the wearer’s body) or supporting our girls in a fashionable, yet supportive way.

I was dazzled to say the least by the selection.

Until I saw the sizes.

You see, I am a woman of substantial size.  Meaning I am larger than a woman’s XL.  I used to be a size 32 and now I am a mere 24…because I took your slogan to heart and I have been DOING IT for the last 2.5 years.  I have been swimming.  I have been biking.  I have been running….and yes I have even done all three at the same time and even been Tri-ing.  Look me up on Athlinks.  You will see my race stats to prove it. And, that is not all I do.  I am running in my 2nd Half Marathon in April!

I am one of 1000’s of women(and men) who have chosen to say, to hell with my size, I am an athlete and in letting that athlete live out loud, our bodies are shrinking and we are becoming better, healthier, more fit versions of ourselves.

You don’t have to tell us to “Just Do It”.

We ARE doing it.

We HAVE BEEN doing it.

Unfortunately, we can’t DO IT and wear your amazing logo while doing it.

For whatever reason your marketing team has come up with, you choose to not make clothing to fit us. I don’t know why you choose this.  Perhaps it is because on a money level there are far less fat people who WANT TO be fit and therefore there are less dollars in your pockets for this.  Or perhaps it isn’t a good marketing idea to have fat women wearing your product since of course that is not the image you want to promote?

Whatever the reason, I just want you to know that regardless of whether I can wear your logo or not I will continue to DO IT and to live stronger everyday…because my efforts for health and fitness go beyond the clothes I wear.  Your clothes will eventually fade and get thrown away but my health will not.

Until I can fit into your women’s wear, I am sadly relegated to having to shop online to find workout gear to fit me (which is a highly frustrating experience mind you) or to have to buy your men’s XXL, because apparently MEN of larger sizes(but not too large) workout, just not women.  Such a double standard, but I will leave that alone because I am trying to keep this polite and somewhat professional in nature.


A dissatisfied wannabe customer who is DOING IT.

Sorry Nike, I would love to email this letter to you through proper channels, but I cannot seem to find an email address for you guys.


P.S How about this for an amazing marketing campaign that just might inspire others like me to get fit, take back their health and lose weight.  How about showing men and women of substantial size doing the things you show in your current ad campaigns.  Show US doing it.  Perhaps the reason so many don’t is because they were once like me and didn’t believe they could. They believe the lie that they are not athletic and can never be.  Perhaps if they saw others like them, that they can relate to, then more would want to Just Do It.


3 thoughts on “Dear Nike

  1. hey! another local!! i love finding Michiganders..or uhm, you finding me!

    don’t even get me started on Nike’s sizing… I wouldn’t consider myself big and feel like I’m being squeezed into an XL.

    must catch up on your archive so I can find out about you somemore.

  2. Fantastic letter. Nothing said here will get you in trouble. And it’s SO TRUE. I HATED how hard it was to find cute workout clothes when I was bigger (and, to a certain degree, even now). Whatever the reason, it’s not a good enough reason for me. Someone could make a FORTUNE and change the world for the better if they decided to create a cute, affordable, functional workout line for bigger women (and men) that we didn’t have to order online.

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