A Good Day!

While last Saturday ended on a less than pleasurable note, it started amazing…

I met with Demond at 6 AM for our weekly session where he let me do kickboxing for a WHOLE hour!  It is always a treat when we do this workout because I have so much fun with it and while it is hard work, it doesn’t feel like it.  Not to mention, we have NEVER done a full hour before.  Usually he starts me out on something else to warm up.  This session was extra special because he wore a vest so that I could hit him in the gut!  I know.  I am awful.  Apparently I like to hit people, but only when they won’t get hurt.

At the end of the session, Demond weighed me in.  No folks.  I am STILL not under 300.  But he SWEARS that it was a GREAT week.  I was having trouble believing him at this point so we had a conversation.  This is the net results.

  • he only counts things as losses if it is .8 or above. (thank goodness because I thought he was counting .2 losses as losses.) We both agree, any loss less than .8 can just be a good ole bathroom break.
  • I did not start with him at a different weight than I thought I did.  Fur a while I was thinking I must have started with him higher than I thought I did, which would have been devastating to find out.
  • Finally, apparently my first weigh in after Christmas I had a 3 lb gain…which meant ground to make up.  But I didn’t know that.

It is amazing how understanding that last piece really helped bring some balance to my brain about the numbers because it wasn’t making sense to me how I could NOT have lost 10 lbs in the time I have been with him.  I had him text my numbers to Coach and Aaron.  I knew that they would NEVER reveal the actual numbers to me because that is our agreement, however, I was counting on their REACTION to the numbers to really know whether it was a good week or not.

For the record, it was a REALLY good week!

From there, I went off for a run with a girl I met through Demond.  We were supposed to run 7 miles, but the trail we headed on was treacherously icy.  We ended up getting off of it and meandering through some neighborhoods for a while.  7 miles turned 3 miles or so.

We finished that up and I headed back to Demond’s studio for a pretty intense sports massage.  All of this and it isn’t even 10:30 AM yet!

The massage was Demond’s suggestion since the prior week, he went to stretch me and my one hip wouldn’t budge at all.  I am used to tight hips when I run, but he said getting them loosened up then doing proper stretching to keep them loose will make my running that much more enjoyable. I listened and had him schedule me with his girl.

I tell you….that was the most painful massage I have ever had…but it worked.  It was also the most amusing.  Demon’s clients often tease him about his music selection for workouts.  It is not uncommon for us to have to endure Boy George during a workout.  So I am laying on the massage table, which is in a room right off of the workout studio and I suddenly here none other than…Johnny Cash come on….we just giggled away in there…

On Sunday, I woke up and between the beating your body takes when you hit somebody for an hour and being beaten up by a massage….I felt battered and bruised.

ANyway, after the massage…I headed to Flint for G.I.Jess’s baby shower!

Yes! You remember G.I Jess, right?  My first ever trainer?  Love her.  Miss her. So excited for her to be a momma!


I swear she has a little basketball in her shirt, cuz she has not gained ANYTHING but that baby!


All of this wonderful goodness happened..before I went to that club and had to stab a creeper with a drumstick!

It was a great day!  I think I met Demond’s latest bit of instruction for me…HAVE FUN!


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