Actions And Emotions

The past week and a half has been great, since coming off my no calorie counting break.  I have been having fun with workouts again(most of the time) and not beating myself up if I miss one (most of the time) and not thinking about my Saturday weigh in (most of the time).

Until….the last 2 days….

The last 2 days have been a constant battle to choose well with my food, to not eat friend chicken, or cookies or the flavor of this week, cheezits by the boxful and to get to the gym.

I have NOT been consciously thinking about the weigh in (most of the time) so I didn’t think I was anxious about it.  But this  morning I woke up a little anxious, realizing I missed my alarm for a morning workout and my thought was…“No!!!  I only have 2 days left to get as much weight off as possible before my weigh in!”

Ding Ding!!!  Hello!  Yep…I am anxious a bit, ya think?  And working overtime not to be.

And as I realized it, I think I have been the last 2 days. My actions (or the fighting of urges) often speak louder than my actual emotions and I should open my eyes and listen. If I paid attention to those like I have learned to look for the actual emotion, perhaps I would have seen what was happening sooner.

I can’t change what is happening.  I can’t simply stop an emotion from being there nor can I deny it or minimize it, but I do know one who can give me peace while I wait and see.  So that is what I am doing and asking for this morning.


John 14:27  Yup, that is what I am claiming today and tomorrow and well shoot…forever I guess!


4 thoughts on “Actions And Emotions

  1. We struggle. If we didn’t, we’d be thin and super athletic and Olympic athletes. Be honest and do better. You’ve got proven success on your side.

    I’ll be following along!

    • Hey Missa,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I have to slightly disagree though. I think even when I am thin and super athletic, I will still struggle. I have friends who are thin adn super athletic and have never had over weight issues and they struggle. Their struggles don’t look exactly like mine, but they do struggle. And if we look at the contestants this season on biggest Loser, there is a former olympic athlete…who struggles.

      The struggle will always be there…it is how we live within the struggle that matters…at least that is what I think at this point in my life.


  2. Two questions my dear:
    1. What does stress do to us?
    2. What does love do for us?

    Concentrate on doing less TO yourself and more FOR yourself! Love yourself and take ownership of that love, I promise, the rest will follow! You will always be my superstar no matter what numbers say as your heart should weigh heavy! Continue to find your fun factors and live my dear and if that doesn’t work just think, you’ll get to kick and punch me this weekend!

    • stress kills. love lives! 🙂

      I hear Ya D…and I am just looking forward to kickboxing with you on Saturday! It has been a while, my gloves are getting dusty

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