A Letter To Demond

Dear Demond,

Today, I stood in a dressing room trying some things on and as I looked at myself, I began to hate you.  I know.  I have these feelings often, but not usually in this context.  Usually it is because you are pushing me harder and farther than I think I can go. Usually, you don’t care either when I hate you because you know that I come back later and love you all the more!

But, not this time.  This time, I hate you because I suddenly realized a SEVERE need for new brassieres.   So, listen up Sarge!  I am only going to tell you this once.


I am quite ok with the size of them…so whatever you are doing to make them shrink….please stop…or at least promise me that when we are all said and done with the rest of my body that we can work on making them come back, but differently.

I hope we are clear on this issue because I don’t want to have to keep repeating myself on this.

And if you insist on continuing down this path with my body, I may just have to send you the bill every couple of months for new bras.  They are expensive….:-)

With much fondness and gratefulness for putting up with me thus far,

Kim aka The Wayne County Wacko!


4 thoughts on “A Letter To Demond

  1. I hope it is obvious that I am being quite a bit sarcastic….while yes, I would rather save the girls from further losses…I don;t really hate Demond over this…I will take any losses that come no matter from what part of my body!

  2. Now this one has to be the most hilarious to date, lol. I can not promisee anything on this one however, if you ask Berkis she will tell you that I can shrink that bra with ease… I am not allowed to do laundry in my house but hey, that works for me.
    My dear, I can promise that once we are done, Victoria’s Secret will come looking for you!

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