14.25 Baby!

I don’t have a lot of time, but I am super excited.

Last night I went to the local Running Store where they have a group run on Thursday nights.  I, of course was intimidated by this group because I don’t know them at all and well….I don’t exactly look like a runner yet!

When I arrived and saw I was the only girl, except for one other, I almost ran away…especially when all these men showed up in their fancy running pants and fancy schpancy jackets (note: the jealousy).  But I stayed to learn they were doing 6 miles.  I decided I would do 4.

But no one showed me a map of the course or anything.  Instead they said someone would stay with me since I had never run with them before.

Ummm really , no.  It won’t be a run for the poor runner who is assigned to me and I would just feel bad.  They insisted that this how they do it and to not worry.

I was for certain that once they realized how slow I was, that my babysitter would pull away and I would be left lost and alone on a course I don’t know, in the dark.

But they didn’t.

In fact, I had 2 runners with me who didn’t seem to mind the ultra slow pace.  They were about 10 feet ahead of me the whole time and chatting away…

while I was back there, huffing and puffing and cursing the hills that they led me over.

In my head, when I wanted to walk…I kept telling myself I had to at least not let them get any more distance on me….and I heard Demond telling me I can do it and if I walk now, it will be too easy to stop again in a few more minutes…so I ran on….

and on….

and on….


We passed the 3 mile mark and I looked at my watch.

44 minutes.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!! ( I know, I rarely swear, but that is my literal thoughts)

I just ran 3 miles in less than 45 minutes?  I have never done that!

So I caught up to my new buddies and confirmed that we had completed 3 miles.

They pointed out that we have less than 1 mile left…I was quick to point out that I am good with going the distance…but….that I had just PR’d for a 5k….

They were so excited….as I picked up our pace, determined to come in, in less than an hour…..

My final finish time was 57 minutes….a 14.25 minute per mile pace.

My fastest ever!

I couldn’t have done it without those 2 with me….I am certain I would walked up some hills…and all of Demond’s crazy endurance training he has had me doing…


6 thoughts on “14.25 Baby!

  1. This one my dear is called the power of empowerment! “WE” said all along that you could do it, it was just a matter of when we were going to do it… That moment is now and forever! You not only inspire me daily but you give me so many more confirmations that you are truly an angel! Keep on inspiring the world and touching others with every stride!

    • Thanks for incorporating me in that WE…when I never said or even thought any such thing! I was NOT going for a PR…I was jsut trying to log miles…YOU however, believe I am superwoman and can do anything…

      I spiral quick and I rebound quick D…you will learn….I don’t stay down for long…

  2. Woohoo!! Congratulations, Kim – what an AWESOME accomplishment! Keep it up – you are such an inspiration!

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