Non-Scale Victories

Sometimes all we have to go on is non-scale victories.   This last week has been rough.  In some respects, some of my roughest, but before I write about all of that, this post about some good things has been in the works and I thought perhaps if I wrote about THAT first instead of the crap stuff, I would feel better.  A little reverse blog psychology, if you will.

So a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning out my dresser/closet and I found that awful River Bank Run shirt I also found a sweet treasure.  In 2009, I ran my first 10k at the Turkey Trot.  A few weeks later, I ran another 10k, this time with my brother.  This was the first time I ever did anything athletic with  my brother, who has always been athletic.  I have such sweet memories of that run.  In fact, I am gonna pause and go read that post right now because I am sure I am missing details in my memory bank!

Ok, I am back. Such fun to read that post RIGHT NOW.  I had so much fun at that run.  Anyway, back to the treasure I found.  When I received my packet of goodies, one of the goodies was of course the race shirt.  I got it and of course it did not fit which I remember being extremely bummed about because it was a long sleeve race shirt.   I found this shirt in my dresser and relived my memories, then suddenly I ripped off the shirt I had on and stuck my head through the neck of this shirt and just about giggled with delight as this shirt slipped right on.  Like it is supposed to do.

About a week later, I had to go to our admin building for a meeting.  I entered the building with some co-workers who had a swipe key to find that we were at an entrance that only had stairs.  Lots of them.  IN the past I always used a different entrance that entered right into an elevator.  I didn’t think too much about it except for that I was glad I was with others who knew where they were at in this building because I sure don’t know my way around it!

As we got to the top of the third flight of stairs (which was really like 6 because of how they were laid out) I was breathing a little heavy, but I could still talk. My co-workers, however, who, in my judgment, are in far better shape than I (based solely on size) were huffin and puffin and coughin and couldn’t get 3 words together.  I kinda grinned to myself,, not in delight at their pain, but in delight at the revelation that size does not equal fit.  I, being 150 lbs heavier than either of them am in far better shape.  And as much as I hate to say this out loud, I am certain some of that comes from all the stair master work Demond has me do.  So thanks Demond!  (But really, you don’t have to do more on that machine…)


Now for my third little non-scale victory.  Again a few weeks ago, I was heading home from a session with Demond and I passed an Old Navy.  For some reason I decided to stop in there to see if they had any running pants I could buy for cheap.  Now, mind you, I have NeveR purchased something for myself at Old Navy.  I do not know what made me think that was a plausible store to stop at for myself in the first place, but stop, I did.

I had no luck in the pants department. I was kinda bummed.  But my hips just won’t shrink my friends.  However, as I passed a sale table with all these cute tank tops on them, I thought to myself…”You know Kim, you really do need more than one tank top for working out in, especially with summer coming.”

I began to argue with myself. “Yes, but, not here.  There is no way they will fit from THIS store.”  I will go to the Avenue or Lane Bryant, or some other such “fat chick” store and pay 4 times as much for a tank top.

Something stopped me though and I just decided to look at them and at least dream of the day when I can buy a shirt from here.  As I looked through I realized they had a 2x in them.  But while I know I wear a 2 x in many shirts these days, I also know that not all 2x’s are the same.  I decided to try one on.

I tried it on AND purchased 3 of them!!!

Then I decided to purchase not 1, but 3 of them at 6 bucks a piece!


Then I went to workout with Demond in it!

Then I went and saw Demond and worked out with him in it…



2 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories

  1. You are so amazing and awesome for the soul as your’s is so special! Keep up the great things and yes, the stairmaster goes up a level this weekend my love! Remember not to chase it, let it come to you!
    Oh yeah, I will be blogging in the very near future so be on the lookout!

    • Oh crap! Ummm I might be sick this weekend D….lungs might be compromised, not sure I should stress them with the stairmaster…:-)

      oh and blogging on your own blog that you are starting or writing your blogs for MY blog?

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