Jason’s Angle

When I first started running, 30 seconds at a time, I found a blog by this guy named Jason who had lost over 100 lbs by becoming a runner.  He was running marathons and training for ultra-marathons.

Last year, when I decided to do the Nashville Half, I thought of him often and how far he had come in his running and how if he could run and lose weight then so could I!  He, in his writing and running said very loudly to me that I too, could be and perhaps even already WAS a runner.

Well, in the last year, Jason has had a pretty painful year and in my own description, kind of had to take a sabbatical from blogging and had to taper back on his running so that he could heal from some pretty painful stuff.  That is all I will tell of his story, since it is not mine to share, but what I will say, is this.

I just discovered that Jason is back to blogging and back to running.  He regained a little bit of his weight during but he is back at it and is back to being a loser again.

I am so excited for him.  I knew he would find his way back.

Anyway, why am I writing this you ask?

Well of course I want to point you all to his blog!  If you think you might be or might want to be a runner…read his blog and even read his archives.  You will be inspired.

He is honest and raw.  He shares his mess up and his successes.  He absolutely loves running and it is infectious.  And if you don’t want to run, but want to be inspired and encouraged in your own weight loss journey, read on.

You can read his journey here, at Jason’s Angle!  http://run4change.wordpress.com/  (grrr why won’t wordpress let me create a hyperlink?)


6 thoughts on “Jason’s Angle

  1. I always look at runners and wonder “how in the world do they just keep going” then I started running myself. The first couple of times I could go about 20 feet and I had to stop to catch my breath but I never stopped trying. Eventually I was running over a mile non stop (which is a huge improvement from 20 feet, right?). Since getting pregnant and the birth of my daughter I’ve gotten away from running but would love to get back to it. Thanks for the link to some inspirtation! We can all use it sometimes!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jason’s blog, Kim. Truly inspirational. What floored me is that a male can be faced with the same “fat mind”. I guess I always thought it was a female thing. But perhaps that’s because we females are very chatty and we are constantly objectified. It was super to read the battle from a male perspective.

    • Jan, Yes, that always struck me about him too. He is a guy but he struggles with alot of the same mind stuff and body image stuff us girls do. Just goes to show that our assumptions about people based on their age or race or in this case gender are rarely correct and can only be corrected by taking the time to listen to their hearts cry.

      Amazing how the heart cries sound so similar eh?

      • “Just goes to show that our assumptions about people based on their age or race or in this case gender are rarely correct and can only be corrected by taking the time to listen to their hearts cry.”

        And that is why one of my most favorite movies is “Crash”…

        Stay strong and true, Kim!

  3. YAY! I know Jason has been having a trying year and I’ve missed his blog. I haven’t been to check it for a few and I’m glad for this reminder. I still remember the first post he wrote–I still think about on an almost weekly basis. Glad you’re back Jason!

    Teresa (aka, the athlete)

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