Crying And Venting…Does A Body Good

I don’t know why exactly when I get super busy then add to it get swallowed up in the struggle, that the first thing to drop off is my blogging.  When I blog, I vent and I whine and I celebrate and I am able to put words to the cacophony of emotions(I like the word cacophony!) that are rolling around in side.

It is helpful.



It is good.  Last week, I caught up on some blogs that were rolling in my head.  I vented.  I whined.  I felt and put my feelings in words and I cried while doing it as I forced myself to sit still long enough to fully experience them so I could write about them.

As a result, this last week has been great!

No, I wasn’t perfect.

I still missed some workouts.

I still struggled with getting all my calories in.

But…when presented with donuts 2 days in a row…I won!

I ate well all week, healthy good calories.

My attitude was good and I was ready to take on this journey with fresh vigor.

This week, I feel like I had some semblance of balance.  I made my choices and I am ok with the ones I made.

It always amazes me what a good cry and vent and honest blog writing/sharing can do for my soul…


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