Do you ever have a workout day where you just KNOW you half-assed it?  You know without a shadow of a doubt that you did NOT push yourself half as hard as you could have and you cut everything short?  Just because.

This is how it was for me one day last week.  COach says I am numbers obsessed.  Numbers of all kinds, whether it is scale numbers, calorie burn numbers, or IP addresses (yes, I USED to have a tracker that told me which IP addresses were repeat readers of my blog and I would be so curious as to who these people were that were reading my words).  Anyway, I tend to disagree.  I think the numbers are a good indicator of progress made (IP addresses excluded) and I am anxious of course to see progress.

With that said, I KNOW what is possible for me to burn in a 1 hour workout session if I really push myself. I know what pushing myself feels and looks like and I know when I am not and it shows up in the numbers.  Now that is not to say that all days where my calorie burns are lower are because of not pushing myself, some days it is because I am simply doing less cardio so the burns will be less.

Anyway, I digress.  One day last week, I had a lower calorie burn day and I knew it was because I simply was not pushing myself.  I knew it during the workout and I knew it after the workout. While knowing this, this thought came to mind.

“Kim, you are settling for crumbs, when there is sooo much more to be had!”

Now, I get annoyed sometimes when Coach or Aaron tell me something I know to be true but don’t wanna hear in the moment, but man, I get plain ole pissed off when, in the moment, I recognize what I am doing, and am able to name it…and don’t care enough to change what is going on.

Crumbs are crap.  They are the leftovers.  The little nibbles no one wants to take the time to eat.  I don’t eat crumbs when I am talking food, so why, at times am I willing to settle for crumbs in my workouts.  Why am I willing to settle for 600 mediocre calories burned in an hour, when I KNOW that I can get at least 800 burned or more, depending on what I do and how hard I push myself?

Now, please don’t hear that 600 calories burned is no good.  It IS good!   Except when I know I am settling for less than what is possible.  I settled last week for Good, when Great was on the agenda and was possible.

600 becomes great when I know I gave it my all…like in my workout yesterday with Darrell when at the end of the workout, I am spent.


7 thoughts on “Crumbs

  1. Hello Kim. Let me first introduce myself — I’m one of those URL’s that’s reading your blog! At least since I found you last night. You’ve been at this for awhile, I’m very new to blogging. I’m on a weight loss journey, as well. If you need anymore inspiration or encouragement, I’ll be glad to stop by.
    My 2 cents: you’ve been doing a fantastic job. You are NOT a machine and sometimes – just sometimes – crumbs are OK! Better than an empty plate?
    Hang in there, kiddo 🙂

    • Welcome! Welcome! I visited your blog too! Best wishes for you! I hope to go back and read more…in between workouts, my own writing, meal planning, reporting to my trainers and working….yeah..I rarely get to read others blogs anymore….but I try!

  2. Don’t worry about it! I don’t expect it. I’m just encouraged by your story and wanted to give you a “go for it, girl”. I’m only beginning to understand the time commitment with these blogs! I will still stop by, now and then, to take a peek at your progress!
    BTW: In case you missed it, I have a stickypost on my blog about a writing contest – write about what this weight loss has/is done for you – only 500 words – $250 prize!

  3. I hear you. And there are days when I settle for crumbs. And I don’t want to excuse that, but sometimes? I’m just happy that I’m still at the table. Glad you’re back to blogging, I’m catching up!

    • Oh Val….yes, I am still at the table…good point…and I never stopped blogging. It just took time for me to get the blogs out of my head and into cyberspace!

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